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  1. gluten-free since April and I feel the same way pretty much every day. Does not always coincide with a feeling of hunger, though. I just keep hoping that someday this gluten-free diet is going to pay off and I will start feeling like a normal person again with no fatigue, dizziness, and bizzare...
  2. Since we are on a roll here (get it? on a ROLL?) I will ask another gross question - does anyone have the stuff that seems to come out more or less ok but in the bowl just kind of disintegrates? This morning little pieces of it were breaking off and floating up to the top. What on earth is going...
  3. Well ever since going gluten-free I go once a day, and it happens about 30 mins after my morning coffee, and when the need strikes, it is a very urgent one. Better go or else! But about 1/10 days, I am constipated for the day and go later in the afternoon. Usually the constipated days it is...
  4. I was thinking about this.... I imagine that much of my continuing issues with non-normal stools is a manifestation of lingering malabsoption. I also tend to wolf down my food without chewing it very much. I recall reading that by chewing food thoroughly, it introduces more digestive enzymes...