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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. Dr. Oz Today Is gluten-free Stuff

    I watched part of it this morning before class and I was kind of upset that one of the items they showed as Gluten Free (Annie's salad dressing) was there. I recently got the Gluten-Free shopping guide and it says that all Annie's dressing is manufactured on shared equipment as wheat. Infact, most of Annie's products are. It even says so on their websites when you view the products ingredients.
  2. So I've been Gluten Free since probably the end of June/early July. I've been to the nutritionist and I've completely gone gluten-free (even using my own utensils)But I'm still not feeling well on a lot of days. Some days I feel fine and better then from before I was diagnosed. Then days like today where I feel like crap. I'm getting migraines again, stomach all funky, nausea, etc. I don't understand what I am doing wrong or what else I can do to help myself. Dairy doesn't seem to bother me when I drink or eat it but should I take it out? I only have milk once in a while and cheese (well whenever possible ) I just want to feel better. I go back to the doctor I think in January and I really want to feel well by then so no more tests lol I'm open to any suggestions!
  3. My Mom Glutened Me :(

    I live with my fiances family and they're not fully understanding how series it is. I've resolved to buying my own pots and pans, cutting board, utensils, etc. I even clean like crazy before I even cook. I've become a little paranoid in the kitchen now lol I can't help it though his brother leaves crumbs all over the counters, nasty dishes in the sink. Idk what else to do so I get a little OCD just to be safe. I am newly diagnosed as well and still waiting to feel a difference. Best of luck to you! Hope you feel better!
  4. Some Questions About Gluten Reactions...

    I'm new to Celic so I wouldn't really know. I don't even know when I'll start feeling better from my gluten free diet. I think you should contact a nutritionist or maybe your doctor? Best of luck
  5. I'm struggling to with the accidental ingestion as well especially living in a house with 4 others who are not gluten free! Our kitchen is always covered in crumbs an I'm scared to touch so much. It's a battle I've just started to defeat and I can't wait to get into the groove of things so I can start feeling better already! Good luck!
  6. New To Gluten Free

    I'm definitely going to look into more! I don't really trust what anyone says anymore I work at a grocery store so I'll be picking everything and anything up to read the ingredients now.
  7. New To Gluten Free

    Eventually my fiance and I will be moving out and we want to become kosher on top of my gluten free diet. My nutritionist said that most kosher foods is gluten free so (as of right now) my fiance said he is willing to become gluten free (with a shelf or drawer of gluten infested products lol) as of right now we are still living with his family and have decided to have a 'family meeting' with his mom/stepdad/brother so we can work something out that will help me. (previous to all this there has been a lot of controversy over who empties the dishwasher, etc.) You're response has helped (esp with moving out and living with just my fiance) Thanks so much for your response I am usually the one who cooks for my fiance and myself, except for nights I close (which is usually 3-4 nights a week - 12am) then his mom will sometimes cook for him or he eats left overs lol my problem is when everyone else cooks for themselves. My (future) brother in law has complained about emptying the dishwasher so much he has decided to hand wash everything to avoid emptying it. My fiance and I decided to do the same to prevent problems. Now we cant do that. We called a "family meeting" for tonight to discuss possibly using the dishwasher almost everyday and finding a system for unloading (writing down who empties it when, tallys, we dont know yet lol) Once my fiance and I get our own place I know it'll be easier (even with the kosher home - we'll already have 2 sets of plates for meat and dairy) I might ask for a separate cupboard just to be safe... Thanks again!
  8. fire-chickens I can relate to you. I'm 21 and just found out, been in and out of doctors for years (even had a hard time as a baby with formulas) So I've probably had it my whole life as well and doctors never caught it or called it something else. I live in a house with 4 other people who are not gluten free so staying gluten free and away from the possibility of cross contamination seems like a real issue for me. I'm also pretty skinny for my height (I'm a girl though lol) 3 years ago I was only 105 lbs. lots of bread (and alcohol lol) I gained about 20lbs but now I can't have that because of my diagnoses and I'm down another 6-7 lbs (in just 3-4 weeks) it really is frustrating and at times I feel there is no point. One of the other problems that can go hand in hand with Celiac is Thyroid disease and both my mom and aunt had that (both had radiation) my moms turned into cancer and she had to have chemo. I feel like no matter what I'm bound to end up with it. Same with things like anemia and fibromyalgia (both in my family) but at the same time it makes me want to do this diet even more (even though it sucks) I tried going out to a restaurant with my friends after work one day and it sucked I wont lie. I ordered a glass of wine and then drooled as I watched all my friends eat steak and chicken fingers. >_< decided not to do that again until I'm brave enough to try a gluten free menu at a restaurant lol Were both in a similar boat and if you ever want to vent/talk let me know. Best of luck to you
  9. I'm from Ft. Lauderdale area to do you attend the meetings in Delray? I havnt been yet (was just recently diagnosed like 4 weeks ago) but I'm thinking of going to the next meeting in September.
  10. Hello, I was diagnosed with Celiac probably about 4 weeks ago and I've been trying to stay gluten free so my symptoms will go away. I even payed $225 to see a nutritionist to help me with the transition. It's becoming very hard though because I live in a house with 4 other people (fiance and his family) who are not gluten free. My nutritionist told me to buy my own set of utensils and plates to make it easier but I have no where to store them! She also said I have to wash any dishes with gluten in dishwasher up to a certain temp for them to be ok for me to use (without possibility of cross contamination) Does anyone have any suggestions? or maybe some experience of living with other people who aren't gluten free?
  11. Hi, I was just recently diagnosed with Celic (about 3 weeks ago) I have been gluten free now for the most part of those 3 weeks. I saw a nutritionist and she told me that it takes a full 6 weeks to feel better after being on a gluten free diet (100%) she also told me that if I just went gluten free without being diagnosed first that would cause problems in the diagnoses. You should go see a dr and get tested if you havn't done so because once you are gluten free for a while it won't show up in a biopsy at all. I don't know what advice I can really give since I've only just started my new gluten free diet and I have yet to feel better. Best of luck to you!