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  1. Tracy, children usually heal in a few months. Adults, though, take anywhere from a year to "forever". Or at least that's what used to be thought; my GI tells me that they have excellent success with prednisone in those cases. This is why they'll want to do an endoscopy now, and then a followup in...
  2. It's fine. Almost no one uses gluten or even wheat starch as a binder now, so there's nothing to cross contaminate with. Besides if any manufacturing facility is going to have good protocols against cross contamination on a processing line, it's a pharmaceutical plant.
  3. It can take a very long time. I'm sure that someone will be along to say otherwise, but the blood test should be pretty accurate. Your issue is very likely something else. You can certainly keep gluten free to see if it helps, but I wouldn't give up looking into alternatives either.
  4. Gotta vote against the New Planet. I wanted to like it, really I did. Unfortunately it's costs more than Spaten, and it's about on the same level as gluten free "bread". Learn to like wine.