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  1. I need to revive this forum to see if anyone else suffers from this. I had problems choking on food (mostly meat) for years, particularly the ones before I was diagnosed with Celiac. This would happen almost every day. After I started the gluten-free diet, this symptom disappeared completely....
  2. So, it seems like choking can be caused by either GERD or neurological damage. Does anyone have any good links on Celiac and neurological damage? I would like to understand why I used to choke on food. I never had heartburn or any other problems like that, so I'm leaning towards the latter. Thanks...
  3. I had this symptom for years! The first bite of each meal was always hard to get down and got so bad the last year that I would vomit a bit sometimes. This has completely resolved since going gluten-free for me. Sorry it hasn't done the same for you