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  1. I didn't know that but that's the kind of salt I use, from france . I want to try Hawaiian salt too. I am sure processed foods use the bleached salt so I try to have so little PFoods.
  2. roasted garlic mashed potatoes with broccoli, and, with luck hubby will find and bring home to me some gluten-free beer! I am having a craving, must be the yard work I did today! BTW, I have to shout-out a big thanks. I have only read 4 pages of this thread and found I can have 3 things I thought I couldn't! I never eat breakfast because I can't find things to eat so I am loving the breakfast thread too!
  3. I woke every morning with a swollen face and tongue (I could see my teeth marks on my tongue) for 5 years. I thought it was from sodium since it seemed much worse after having salty anything. I used such little salt trying to fix it and it never worked. I asked my Dr. (and I use that term lightly) over and over...he said it was my weight. What? Then my dermatologist found the real issue (I get a nice RED flag on my face any time I'm glutened). BUT...my face was still puffy and tongue swollen after going gluten-free. It wasn't until I realized casein protein was the cause of my swollen face!
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