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  1. I get plenty of muscle spasms and suffer from constant fatigue. It's all just so depressing. I am going to give up dairy also and will not be eating in restaurants for awhile. Thanks for all your responses.
  2. Thank you for your responses. I have been sick every day this week. I honestly feel like I should just stop eating . . .period!! It's so disheartening. From all the reading I have been doing, I suppose I should give up dairy. The only dairy I eat is in the morning which is an ounce of fresh mozzarella on my egg whites. Also, I have been having great issue with my usual salad at lunch even though I am very careful as to the dressing I put on it; either gluten free or I make it myself. I also feel like I should not eat food prepared anywhere but my own kitchen as every time I buy something naturally gluten free out I still get sick!! It's all very depressing to me. Also, I begin switching my shampoo, soap etc. but it is soooo expensive for a very small amount. I love Desert Essence but at $8.99 for a very small tube. . .does anyone have anything they use that is cheaper??
  3. I was diagnosed in July with Celiac Disease after spending the last 30 years with "irritable bowel" and most recently microscopic colitis. I was so relieved to finally get a diagnosis and was happy to give up gluten. I have completely removed all gluten from my diet. Unfortunately, I am still getting sick!! I generally make food at home as I have been unable to eat in most restaurants even one that boasts a gluten free menu. This week immediately after eating at least once a day I am stricken with gastro intestinal issues (severe diarhhea) followed by almost delibitating fatigue and joint pain. I have also had a significant weight gain (especially in the stomach). I have spent the last two months reading everything I can and it seems most find instant relief once the gluten is removed. I have not had that experience. Can anyone shed any light on why I'm still having such difficulties??
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