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  1. All of Arbonne's make-up, lip stick included, is gluten free.
  2. Sarah P

    Protein Drinks?

    If you are looking for a good gluten free protein drink you should check out Arbonne. You have to order it online, but I love it. All of Arbonne
  3. Sarah P

    And Now I'm Coping...

    I am a little envious of you. I still am not real happy about this and today I chose to eat how I wanted to, which included a piece of cake, Oi and UGH Now I feel yuck and will have to live with it for at least a week. I even like Gluten Free food so don't know what I was thinking. I had made it 2 months gluten free and was feeling pretty good. At least I can see all the posts here and realize that I am only 4 months in, so maybe another 4 months and I will have this figured out.
  4. I have been doing a lot of research for my business (Arbonne) so I can explain why our products work so well. I have been learning some disturbing stuff about what we are putting on our body. Arbonne is Gluten free so Amen to that!

  5. Just in case you didn't know the FDA doesn't require Skin Care & Cosmetic Industry to list all the ingredants on the packaging (pretty scary). Ever notice "other active ingredents." I know everyone is pretty good about checking their products first, but I know when I am in a hurry sometimes I just glance at the ingredent list. I just wanted to put that out their so you all know to be careful. Our skin is the largest organ on our body and absorbs what we put on it, Gluten in your lotion will affect you.
  6. I think it's good you are voicing your anger and utter hatred of this diet. It's ok to be mad and it's ok to make bad choices. Someone once told me, "it's okay to wallow in the mud pit,everyone does, but it's not okay to stay there. God wants you to learn to climb out." We each deal with what life gives us differently. I know a lot of people on this sight are really mentally healthy and strong, but you don't have to be. I know I'm not. You have a lot on your plate, way more than most of us, and you will figure out a way to push through. I can sympathize with your feelings about being gluten free. Being Gluten Free has not made me feel better and no one can tell me what is going on. It's had to feel like this is the best choice when I still feel awful and hurt all the time. I have found a lot of wonderful Gluten free food but, I hate this diet and I feel like people are constantly not considering me and what I have to live with. Now I know it's not their job to go out of thier way to make sure the pot luck is gluten free, but if I had a sever peanut allergy and someone invited me I bet there wouldn't be any peanuts!!!
  7. I miss my fizzy tabs. I am really bad gastriteous right now and I can't drink them. They give me so much energy without the crash. I can't wait to feel better!!!

  8. Sarah P

    I Hate Celiac Disease

    I have been gluten free 100% for a little over a month and I stll have sever pain. Although it isn't consitant like it was, there are still days I feel like I am being stabbed in the back and like I am having a heart attack (although it is on my right side and not the side with my heart ). Everyone keeps telling me to give it time and I just want to yell at them. I have given up all my favorite goodies and I still feel crappy. So I am their with you! My docs are still trying to figure out if there are other things going on with me as well. I just wish I could get a complete GI transplant, is that possible???LOL Thank God for this website right. At least we all understand each other. Oh by the way I found wonderful Gluten Free cookies in the refrig section of my local health food store. They are the bomb and even my non-gluten family loves them.
  9. Sarah P

    Purposely Glutened

    Ummm, wow I really envy all these people posting that are able to never give in. I am with you though, being around my husband and children that can eat what they want when they want makes me give into temptation. I guess maybe it's because even after going gluten free I still don't feel that great, so every once in a while I just do what I want. When I am in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner sometimes I will sneak a bite of mac and cheese or nuggets. We are working on going 100% gluten free in the house but couldn't afford to throw all our food out. I get super sick every time I do this but I have yet to have it sink in. If you ever need to commiserate I will be here to listen.
  10. I suffer from the same problem, but it comes and goes. I am a runner and take supplements so vitamin def. sounds very unlikely for me, although after reading this I will go get tested. I can sleep for 7 to 9 hours and 4 hours later I am falling asleep at my desk. I often have to go take naps at work and am sleep within minutes of laying down. I also have been experiancing strange bruises which makes me think I should look more into being def. in iron. Let me know what you find, but know that you are not alone. Celiac seems to have so many strange symptoms and lingering problems, but luckly we all have each other
  11. I am only a week totally gluten free. I still have pain, but my acne is cleared up! I have had the worst skin my whole life. At 30 I really thought I shouldn't have it anymore, and guess what I don't. Wooohooo!
  12. I haven't tried that, but I use Arbonne products which are Gluten Free. Facial cleaner, make-up, chapstick, lip gloss, vitamins and health products. Used them before I was diagnosed and was so glad that I get to keep using them now!
  13. Thanks everyone! That makes me feel better. I went to the store again today and got some more gluten free food and and throwing some bad stuff out! Even got a new toaster.
  14. I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago and have been doing pretty good about staying Gluten Free. I know I am still dealing with some cross contamination as we don't have the money to throw all our cross contaminated food away, although we are working on it and I try to avoid it. But, last night I was out with my kids and my friend had cheesy bread. I talked myself into the fact that one little pieced wouldn't kill me. OH MY GOD. About an hour later it felt like I had a ball stuck in my esophogus and I woke up this morning and it is still there. It hurts so bad!! Aparently one tiny piece is THAT BAD. I think I have learned my lesson. My dietician told me there would be slip ups but I feel like an idiot.
  15. So last week I had endoscopy and my doctor called me and told me the results where consistant with Celiac. GI told me to have blood work done to confirm. I called today as I hadn't heard the results back. The RN I spoke to said the blood test was negative but celiac is confirmed with the biopsy. Then my GI doc called and said the RN was not correct and mis-spoke. She said I do not have celiac as the blood test is the definitive test. I see on here though several people had negative blood tests and I have found several articles where Doctors are saying the biopsy is the final answer. Is my doctor crazy? My Doctor told me she thinks I may have small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. None of my symptoms match up with this, but I seem to have almost text book symptoms of celiac. I really badly want to see a different doctor but I am stuck with this doctor because of my insurance. My GI doctor told me I had no need to be Gluten Free. I don't know I believe her