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  1. Hi everyone: I hope everyone is doing great on this beautiful Saturday. I have posted about Amennorhea before, but things are a bit different for me this time. An ultrasound showed polycystic ovaries, so my doc says that I have PCOS. I have always had amennorhea right from day 1. I went years without a period until I stopped eating gluten. As soon as I stopped, I started getting my period roughly every 5 weeks. But then, it stopped again and I couldn't figure out why. Turns out I had switched to Millet bread for 1.5 years. I decided that maybe it was the bread and switched to a different gluten-free bread, and what do you know....I have had 2 periods in a row after 1.5 years of amennorhea. My doctor wants to put me on birth control pills because of the PCOS, but I don't think I need them. I am convinced that the problem is gluten, but she thinks it's just a "coincidence". I don't think I have PCOS, even though I have the Polycystic Ovaries. I think the ovaries are the way they are due to years of eating gluten and more recently, millet. Something was preventing the eggs from fully releasing, and I am certain that eating gluten was directly the culprit. What I want to know is how this all works from a biological standpoint. My doc thinks there is no relationship, but I am not convinced because I know that as soon as I start eating wheat or millet, my periods will stop again. Anyone know what the scientific connection is between gluten and amennorhea? It seems crazy that I would have a systemic reaction like this, but I know that the problem is the wheat.
  2. I am so sensitive to gluten AND millet that I completely stop menstruating when I eat it. I think it's absolutely nuts. The worst part is that scientists have not yet figured out how celiac leads to amennorhea. I personally find it quite fascinating that it can totally mess up my system this way.
  3. Is it normal to get diarrhea from eating chick peas, or could that be a sign of another intolerance? Millet: Is millet the same thing as corn? I'm intolerant of millet so am wondering about corn too now.
  4. I react to millet the same way I react to gluten. Now I'm wondering if corn is a culprit too and am afraid to eat it. I also ate chick peas this week and had severe diarrhea as a result. Sometimes I think that I should stop eating grains altogether.
  5. My doc confirmed that I have polycystic ovaries. I explained to her that when I don't eat gluten & millet that I get my period. When I eat gluten and millet the opposite happens: I don't get my period at all. My doctor says that there is no relationship between my diet and the absent periods, but I beg to differ. The minute I change my eating, my menstrual cycle is affected. Does anyone know whether there is indeed a connection between celiac and absent periods. If there is a connection, how does it happen? I'm insisting here that there is a connection because I see it happening, but it's hard when you doctor denies the relationship. Who is right????
  6. Oh boy. I just figured out that I'm just as sensitive to Millet as I am to gluten. Both grains make me stop menstruating. Anyone know the connection b/w amennorhea and these grains? And....if I am intolerant to millet, does this mean that I would react similarly to corn???? I also figure that I might have other intolerances. Can anyone suggest a good elimination diet? I want to be as healthy as can be!
  7. I would LOVE a coffee shop like Tim Hortons where I could get a coffee and gluten-free toast with Peanut butter! It would make breakfast 2000Xs easier!
  8. Hmm....that's interesting. Addison's is associated with Hyperpigmentation....maybe look into that....??? Celiac is such a mystery sometimes!
  9. Thanks for replying guys....It's called El Peto bread. I was eating the stuff every single day. Unbelievable. In addition to the return of my periods, my skin also looks much better. I'm thinking of going on an elimination diet to identify problem foods. Anyone know of any good ones? I'm pretty sure that the Millet bread was the trigger, but there could be other problems. I was seriously thinking that the only way to get my period was via starvation...I'll be really happy if it's just the Millet bread so that I can actually eat rice and other things! I must be very sensitive to gluten for it to make my period stop....and now add Millet to the list!
  10. Hey everyone... I've been gluten free for a few years. One of the great things that happened when I first went off wheat/gluten was that I started getting my period (after many years of not getting it since the age of 12). I actually got it within weeks of going gluten free so I knew instanty that there was a connection b/w the amenorrhea and gluten. After a while the periods stopped again and I wasn't feeling so good. I checked my diet and there was no wheat in it. I was disappointed and thought that maybe I could just have a related disorder. Then I started thinking that maybe my periods would only come when I barely ate anything and thought that perhaps I have a related disorder like Addison's. It seemed that whenever I barely ate anything my periods would come... Well recently the periods returned. The only thing I've changed is that I stopped eating millet bread and switched it to a flax bread which is also gluten free. This got me really thinking that maybe I'm also reacting to millet. Anyone think this is possible, or is it all a coincidence? Thoughts?
  11. I have not tried to get pregnant, however I can tell you that my amennorhea disappeared after 6 weeks on the diet. I went my entire life (from 13 to 30) with perhaps 10 periods in total. I now get a period approx every 4-6 weeks. The connection between celiac and amennorhea is still somewhat of a mystery and I am sure the infertility connection is as well. The good thing is that my body responded positively to removing the gluten. The interesting thing is that I thought I'd cure the diarrhea after going gluten-free...the restoration of periods was a very nice surprise...even my doctor was astounded with how much damage and sensitive I am to the stuff. I guess the only thing I can offer up here is that you be very carefull with the diet and hopefully it will all come together. Good luck!
  12. I know this is strange, but I don't like any "white" protein foods. For instance, no to milk, egg whites, yoghurt, ice cream, coconut, white fish, chicken, cheese, tartar sauce, etc. All of these foods make me throw up, or want to throw up. Is there a common element here, or is this all in my head? For instance, why the aversion to coconut and white fish?
  13. hmm....prior to learning I have celiac, I noticed that I did ok with sourdough bread (no runs). Doesn't mean was not harming me, just no diarrhea.
  14. If it is ever discovered that wheat/gluten have a causal effect on the development of Autism, I will not be surprised. The stuff renders me infertile by virtue of making me cease menstruating, so I know it's powerful stuff. When I'm eating wheat, I don't get my period. When I don't eat wheat, I get my period. In my case it's a very obvious, very interesting connection between gluten and the amennorhea. The mystery is HOW the 2 are connected....even my doctor is unsure, although there are some theories.
  15. I've always hated eggs. As a child, I would only eat the yellows!!! The whites make me wanna hurl! Not sure why the yellows don't make me sick, while the whites do.
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