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  1. Is it normal to get diarrhea from eating chick peas, or could that be a sign of another intolerance? Millet: Is millet the same thing as corn? I'm intolerant of millet so am wondering about corn too now.
  2. It is truly amazing what the little bugger (gluten) can do to us. I have a looooooonnnnnggggg list of complications. I've had them for years, but was only recently diagnosed. The one thing that I can say for sure is that most doctors are indeed clueless. My doctor sent me home after telling me...
  3. Kfran.... The EXACT same thing happens to me. That was the final straw that got me complaining to my doc prior to diagnosis. Bad joint pain, swollen feet and hands, and itchy legs. I was never checked for the fibrom though....wondering if I should now, but all of that is gone by going gluten...
  4. Does mucous always mean a bigger problem other than celiac? I've had mucous in my stool in the past, but haven't seen any in a while. Anyone know?