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  1. I thought that Campbell's chicken and rice soup was gluten-free. Has anyone had either good or bad experiences with it?
  2. Where did you check? This is different information than I got from the manufacturer?!
  3. Well, I'm off to the store to buy ALL of the following brands for the great pancake syrup taste-off Saturday morning: Aunt Jemima's Golden Griddle Hungry Jack Eggo's I called each of these companies and they all confirm that they are gluten-free. If anyone has had any bad experiences with...
  4. In case folks use Mrs. Buttersworth.... I called Pinnacle again this morning and confirmed with them that BOTH Log Cabin Original and Mrs. Buttersworth contain malt flavoring from barley listed as natural flavorings and are NOT gluten-free. The only syrup that they make that is gluten-free is...
  5. There was nothing on the label about malt or malt flavoring, so I called the company. Pinnacle Foods used to be Aurora Foods. They make Log Cabin & Mrs. Buttersworth as well as Duncan Hines (my kids frosting!) Cutomer service said that Log Cabin is NOT gluten-free (except for the Log Cabin Country...
  6. May 17, 2005 I received this email from Pinnacle foods. I'm very confused, however, because when I look at the ingredients, I don't see where the barley could be hidden... which makes me wonder whether I'm missing hidden barley in other products. -----------------------------------------...
  7. Has anybody had a bad experience using regular Log Cabin?
  8. I read on the Clan Thompson site that Log Cabin syrup contains barley. On the bottle we have at home, barley is not listed. Does anybody know the deal? Is it a hidden ingredient? Or have they changed the formulation? Thanks.