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  1. Unfortunately for those of us who are extremely sensitive to gluten ANY cross-contamination can be a problem. And while I'd prefer to think that people/companies are being honest and merely practicing a little CYA, I have had some experiences where this is not the case. As for Sensodyne....I have been coughing for about a year now, worse and worse, mostly when I lay down at night. (I went gluten-free just over a year ago). None of my doctors have shown any concern or answers. I just get this annoying tickle in my throat. I had given up ALL gluten-free products except Sensodyne. I'm now a Crest and Aquafresh customer. Cough gone!
  2. It's always good to fully understand any condition you have before make smart remarks. I suffer from dry eye syndrome as well and my eyes were constantly running and were red and puffy in the mornings. They started getting very dry and it go so bad I called it "my lizard skin". I thought it was allergies. After I started breaking out in hives I went to the dermo and found out I had dermatitis around my eyes. After reading other DH forums, I realized the Maybelline mascara I was wearing contained gluten (the top selling one with the pink barrel and green top). Bingo! No more issues! It's a new world. I used to look so tired and have circles under my eyes. The change was overnight! Thank you for your gluten-free suggestions!
  3. Be careful on this one. When I was buying chicken broth for my cornbread dressing for Thanksgiving, I read that the yeast in chicken broth can contain gluten. I don't remember the reason...sorry. I had to buy a special broth for my recipe. Mainly I advise that you read the labels.
  4. This side effect of eating gluten was also a big problem for me and I was constantly taken Gas-X extra strength to try to combat it. Finally, after a year of gluten-free living, I rarely experience this issue. However, I do experience a significant issue with gas when I eat garlic, as does my celiac nephew. I've been told that often celiacs are sensitive to other products - often garlic. Just something you might want to track as well ... Also, if I accidentally ingest the smallest amount of gluten, this is one of the first tale-tell signs I've been exposed.
  5. I have been gluten-free for nearly a year now, making many adjustments along the way, as I learn more about celiac. Over the past 6 months what I assumed to be allergies were getting worse and worse. Some mornings I itch ALL over to the point of making marks on my skin from scratching and now I'm getting raised red patches below my armpits, on my inner thighs and other areas with sensitive skin. The dermatologist and allergist were no help even though I told them I am gluten-free. I have been unable to determine what the cause of this itching could be.....until I read this and older posts about Cetaphil. I have very dry skin and coat my body from forehead to toes in Cetaphil after every bath!! No wonder! Thank you for this information. I'm giving up Cetaphil and I bet I'll give up the itches along with it! Do any of you have a recommendation for a good gluten-free dry skin lotion?
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