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  1. red island

    Anxious Every Time I Come To Work!

    I've stopped being surprised by my coworkers' insensitivity - there have been far too many incidents since I was diagnosed...
  2. Or you could invite her over to your house to do some baking with you and send some goodies home all wrapped up for her...
  3. I had the sandwich nightmares for months, they've now been replaced by the Chapmans ice cream nightmares - so tasty,...
  4. red island

    Diagnosing A Lactose Intolerence

    I did the "I am an idiot" thing this summer. After 2 months of horrible stomach pain and bloating, I read back thru...
  5. I definitely had horrible digestive issues when I ate brown rice, early on when i went gluten free my reactions were...
  6. Oh one thing I would ask about is if they use "Swheat" brand cat litter as it is made from wheat and is very dusty.
  7. I work as a vet tech and have never had a problem at work. I do try to keep little critters from licking my face, and...
  8. I never resolved my cc issues until I stopped using plastic containers - in the microwave or when baking. Since I switched...
  9. red island

    Finally Found What Works For Me

    I think I may be going down that road too. I've been gluten free 1 year now and not doing as well as I should be.I gave...
  10. red island

    Thank You

    oh a celiac whisperer, that is so true.
  11. red island

    Shared Dishes And Cc Risks

    I bring all my own plates, utensils in my lunch bag. Our workplace kitchen is possibly cleaner than a toxic waste dump...
  12. red island

    Qestion For Moms & Pet Owners

    I just try to keep kiddies and pets away from my face (easier said than done sometimes) and I religiously wash my hands...
  13. red island

    Lame Things I'm Mourning!

    Oh I hear you....I had the most wonderful toaster, it toasted things perfectly - it was my best friend in the morning...
  14. red island

    Bunny Owners

    I have been reading this thread with interest because I just cc'd myself last weekend while cleaning out the bin that...
  15. red island


    Since I live in a rural area, shopping gluten free meant going to several stores as everyone had just a few different...