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Hi, I'm Desiree. I was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease, but I'm pretty sure that I've had it for most of my life. I had intestinal surgery shortly after I was born, so I'm assuming that is what triggered my celiac as I really do think that is what has plagued me my entire life. I haven't learned much about it yet except for what I've read, but I'll be going to a GI soon to discuss it further. I am excited yet frustrated about the diagnosis. I'm praying for the strength and patience to be able to cope with this and live gluten free in order to feel normal for the first time in my life. I love all of the gluten free products that are available, and I am relieved to find so much information. However, I feel totally alone in this disease, so I'm looking for a community of people who can sympathize. :unsure:

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