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  1. So, we've "been there" tried that & still aren't getting very far with our school. Our 15yr old son has been diagnosed with "Severe Celiac" for the past 2 years. 8th grade he missed ~10 weeks total. They worked with us, "he passed" High school, uggg... We know the Administration, The Teachers, (this is our 3rd boy & 3rd w/ an IEP or 504) we know the drill. He missed 63 days in 9th grade. He was just "given homework" and expected to do it, not much tutoring, time @ school, but the IEP just didn't work! He "failed" most of his classes, that's not the boys' fault, it's the IEP not working. He'd miss 2 weeks at a time, get back to school for a week, and be back home. We live in a gluten-free house! Totally, mom has a Celiac diagnosis too & we just "cleaned house" & threw out everything! We have letters from his GI specialist, we have requests from our Registered Dietation, the cooks are working hard to keep him gluten-free. The classroom has failed us, failed him, much worse than the F's A kid w/ an IEP shouldn't FAIL... If he does, the IEP has failed. We're just frustrated, school's over, we've just found out that they aren't expecting him to do Summer School, but he will be in "remediation" classes in the fall. That's of course along with his regular requirement as a 10th grader. anyone with experience "getting school" to get it ... please chime in! Thank you!
  2. We have our son on a "medical IEP" one step up from a 504plan. He's in 9th grade this year, & we have to start "retraining" a whole new building of folks about his IEP and his Celiac. UGGG... Fortunately our other 2 older son's had either an IEP or 504, (for whole other reasons) & they are used to us! Having mom be a school board member for 12 of the last 13 years has helped a bit too. Not that you have to go to that extreme, but having an advocate for special needs kids on the board has helped the district learn "A LOT" ... Our school uses Google Docs for most of the class room work anyway so he's able to keep up (mostly). The German 1 teacher's not letting him back in, this winter so we're going to have to look into our options for foreign language, at least to get German 1 done so he's able to jump into German 2 next year. Kind of ditto for band, so he's decided to do Choir ... it works for him. He missed ~ 9 weeks of 8th grade, and is on track for that or more this year ... poor kid. One day lately a "troupe" of his minions (all girls) showed up at the door to check on him... "you know where he is" ... & off they tromped to his room. It was so cute! IDK why the school has such difficulty with this concept, they've had to have dealt with a kid doing Chemo or some other long term illness before ? ??? I'm going to contact our AEA (Area Education Agency) ... the thing here in Iowa that the School Districts use as their "how to" resource. DUhhhhhhh... This is a good topic, hope to see more posts! JLH
  3. Yes, we noticed a clue w/ our youngest son (Celiac Positive) ... etching on back side of his front teeth, from acit reflux. That was one of our first clues for him. His dentist noticed that @ ~11-12 yrs... he's 14 now. jlh
  4. I've had my Harvest Maid 1000 series for ~25+ years. Only not used it for a couple, but I did use it hundred's of hours this year! I found extra trays on Amazon cheap, added 6+ (now up to 12). It will take up to 30 trays! I dehydrated every tomato I didn't can. 20# on 12 trays, they dried down to fill one 1/2 gallon jar (stuffed). I think I dried ~250# this year. Add those anytime you need tomato's, 1 cup of dried + 1 cup water = 1 pint of canned tomato's. Now my real "eureka" ! I powdered tomato in a coffee grinder, 1 quart dried = 1/4 pint powered! Microwave 1 cup water to boil, add 4 tbl spoons tomato powder, plus 1/2 tsp baking soda. Careful it does FIZZ, adding tomato to water, and baking soda to mix! You have instant tomato paste! Add Italian spices, instant pizza/pasta sauce! Other wise, Apple Slices, Pear Slices, Green Peppers (any kind of peppers) Onions, add a plastic plate add-on & you have any fruit leather you'd like! One trick I use, spray a clean cloth (just a squirt) with cooking spray, & run it on the trays, makes them NO STICK! Let me know if you have any questions! JLH
  5. Hi, New to this forum, Hi! We have 2 now with Celiac Diagnosis in our house & keep thinking we've de-glutened the house! My Wife and my 14 yr old son are the 2. My son's now 14, we've been doing full gluten free house for ~11 months now. We'd come to wits end last year when he'd missed 8wks of 8th grade in the 1st semester of school. Finally ended up at UIHC Pediatrics GI (University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics). He had labs "off the scale" & a very "positive" endoscopy! He's 14, & did have one admitted "binge" over the summer, but is really trying on keeping gluten-free. Since January he's grown ~ 7 inches, so we know he's getting nutrients (he's a towering 72.5 inches now)! My wife was diagnosed this summer too, she was severely anemic (under 10) and no more McDonald's for her either now, besides the totally gluten-free we'd been doing at home. Her TTG went from ~100's to "teens" in a couple months, and her Iron went from single digits to 12's. So we know we're getting the gluten out of the house. BUT (yes it was coming) ... the boy is still missing huge amounts of school w/ symptoms, his immune system is a mess. He's been back in hospital 3x in past 4 weeks (including a 3day inpatient) with dehydration! His last endoscopy was a mess yet, his TTG is still High, but measurable in the "hundreds" ... WTF? No Wheat lives in our house (OK I found another hidden/missed bit today - chicken bouillon) grrrrr... not beef, just chicken. Only make home made bread (in new bread machine) using Bob's Red Mill mixes... (expensive). Only use gluten-free ingredients in food. Only boxed stuff is marked gluten-free, else it's home made. (did I mention I'm an at home dad, god bless unemployment) ... ugggg! Rice noodles, Rice, potatoes, Quinoa, Amaranth, Quinoa noodles, all great stuff & all the starch we're using! I can't keep this kid in school, the Ped's GI guy is perplexed? Tips, ideas, pointers???? ... "frustrated" in Iowa Thank you! JLH
  6. Hu Hut, all the time, every time, they take extra time to get you through the line, super clean the grill, and keep 1/2 of it clear while your stuff cooks, they use separate/new tools every time! great experience & not a lot of $$ JLH
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