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  1. Every year I make a bread called special bread for Thanksgiving. It has flour, applesauce, milk, honey, potato flakes, and cracked wheat in it. I think I can just use a standard 2/1/1 rice/potato starch/tapioca starch mix for the flour with some xanthum gum and leave the rest of the ingredients the same. The tricky one is the cracked wheat. Do any of you have any ideas what I can use to replace that with? It is cooked cracked wheat, more for texture than for flavor....... Any ideas????? I REALLY don't want to leave out this tradition!
  2. It seems like reading through posts that alot of people seem to mention Vitamin E in lotions, shampoos, conditioners and such as a no no. I know wheat germ is bad, but what is it about the vitamin e? I'm totally confused by safe lotions, soaps, and other personal products because SO MANY list vit e...... do we have to avoid them?
  3. I know it's common for celiacs to have dairy issues, especially right after dx. I have gluten-free since april 1 and still have severe abdominal pain. I have been VERY strict on my diet and so my dr now wants me to uliminate dairy. the gluten-free diet didn't freak me out but this is! I am not a milk drinker, but nearly everything I cook has some form of dairy in it and days I am rushed or don't have any energy or hurt (fibro is a problem as well), cheese and crackers are a staple. Blue diamond hazelnut crackers and some yummy spreadable cheese and I'm good. I'm stumped. She is going to do a abdominal scan on Thursday and then maybe refer me on to a gastrointerologist depending on what she sees or doesn't see. For now though, I don't know what to eat. I've ate tuna with miracle whip and apple cinnamon chex with nothing.....that's it for 3 days. I'm sick of eating, going gluten-free was not a big deal although more costly than could be afforded, I got that figured out, but now with this......those of you who are dairy free as well, WHAT DO YOU EAT???????????????????
  4. Does it have to be mixed up with a stand mixer? I don't have one of those and won't have the room or funds for a while for one..... It LOOKS WONDERFUL though!
  5. What is the lupin flour that is in it? I haven't heard of that before. Is it a grain, bean, maybe a stupid question.....
  6. I DIDN'T know! Does it cook like "normal" pasta???? With corn pasta it seems to "mush" and got all gross and I haven't tried coooking the rice pasta in my pantry yet. Does it soak up the sauce like I've heard other pasta does??? I have been craving my macaroni pasta that I always make for the 4th of July and this makes me think MAYBE I can have it!
  7. lynxigirl

    Shakeys Pizza, Utah

    Does the shakeys pizza that is in american fork have gluten-free pizza? I know some of them do and I am going to be in the area over the weekend and would LOVE to have one!
  8. lynxigirl

    Work Dinner

    Thank you so much everyone. I did give my manager a list of safe restraunts, but don't think they will be listened to. After the meeting yesterday I felt like crap, I still do. This is HARD. I am no stranger to the diet, mom was celiac but she stayed home and cooked and was fine. It's another story being in the work force and working with a bunch of jerks! There, I said it! I will feel horrible to go and not be able to eat because yes, I AM still struggling with cravings.....i would kill for alot of things right now and I'd be willing to make a bet I could find those things where they wind up going! I don't WANT to make myself sick, I also don't want to be made to feel like **** for not eating. I'm NOT strong enough yet to "just say no". The GM is a ex Marine and he is the best at controlling the situation to his benefit.... I did NOT realize that celiac is covered by the ADA, that is a good piece of info if things do get too obnoxious. I already feel like a freak because they bring in food that I have to say no too, today is cupcakes and cookies. Before yesterday everyone just thought I was on a diet because I've lost 20 lbs in 2 months. Today she stopped by with the tray and she said "oh, you can't have these" after setting them on my desk. I just looked at her and said no and brought out my clorox wipes and cleaned my desk off again becaue my food was right there. I am so greatful for you wonderful people letting me vent and whine about this. I'm sure it's not a new problem and I'm still not sure how I'll handle it, I probably won't until it is decided where the meeting will be held. I am just greatful for people to do "GET IT". You understand WHY I can't and WHY i'm in tears over it. Oh, to answer, I am self diagnosed. I spoke to my dr today and she has seen too many celiac patients tests come out fine that she just has people do gluten-free and then reintroduce some a month later and see what happens. She said 99% of the time, that gives the answer clearer and less expensive then any test ever could!
  9. lynxigirl

    Work Dinner

    So, every couple months my team has dinner with the general manager so he can keep up with us since we work over nights and he never sees us. Most the time we go to places like Fudruckers, McGraths, Cracker Barrell, things like that. When my manager sent the email yesterday asking what day worked for everyone, I wrote her back explaining that I may not be able to go, depending on where they choose, because of diet restrictions. My team knows of these, in fact a few of them have witnessed me get sicker than sick when I got gluttened and had to go home. Anyway, I told her I wanted to go, gave a list of restraunts that offer gluten-free choices, said I could bring food, or just not go. today in our team meeting in front of everyone she said that the general manager wouldn't like it if I didn't not go, or if i brought my own food so she thought i should just go and socialize. I'm sorry, but this makes me feel like crap and a total outsider and I DON"T WANT TO! The thing is, they have laid people off for less. I know I can eat before or after. I know I can have a soda. I also know the GM is a big enough jerk that he is liable to make a HUGE deal if I don't order and EAT. I know most the time salad is safe, but I've been guttened by salad several times already and I haven't even been gluten-free for a full month. I'm restraunt shy because of this. I'm just sitting here feeling like crap, eating my rice crackers and cheese and strawberries thinking this isn't fair.......I've always enjoyed these dinners and now I really feel like crap about this. Sorry for the wine....
  10. I ate alot of marie calendar pot pies before. I am wondering if anyone has a good easy recipe that could be made ahead and froze?
  11. lynxigirl

    How Do You Afford It?

    Oh my gosh! When I logged on today I can't believe the replys and wonderful ideas. Thank you SO much! I have a crock pot but seldom have used it before, I guess it's time to break it in! I am definately going to go shopping with a different eye.... I have rice, I've been making rice and beans, but I haven't cared for them but I'll try with different spices and stuff. I definately will try more of the shopping and I have thought about getting a tomato plant, and maybe a couple others that I can grow on my balcony. With my cat Marvin who eats whatever, pasta included, I have not made it for myself and so he hasn't had any and won't unless momma has a touch to share.... I will work on switching them later and just be diligent about everything with regards to their dishes and licking me. His sister was spayed today and she nurses on me when she doesn't feel good, that is one of the main things I worry about with her. Again, thank you SO MUCH for listening and giving me ideas!
  12. lynxigirl

    How Do You Afford It?

    Thank you so much for the ideas. I will do my shopping at lunch and when I get off work and see about getting the discounted fresh stuff and just go simple. Most days I handle things well, but the thought of having to put the cats on it and then going to look at gluten-free food for them I think put me over the edge yesterday. Sorry for the meltdown! Yes, Marvin eats pasta.....he eats pretty much anything he wants cause he is SOOOOO tiny and has had numerous health issues. He just got bottle broke when he turned 6 months and what he wants, as long as it isn't onion or chocolate, he gets. Again, thank you and I will try not to melt too often!
  13. I work usually 60 hr a week, overnight so I get shift differential, live in a small apt by myself and my critters. I don't hardly make enough to make ends meet and afford "normal" food. Now, I'm changing everything about my diet, having to replace nearly everything in my kitchen(pans, storage containers, cooking utinsils, food) and now I discover that I have to change my CATS over to gluten-free as well. The food for THEM is expenseive. The food for me is expensive. I am cooking a ton, only buying a few things like a box of blue diamond crackers, eating fruit and veggies and TRYING to be good. I'm not unfamiliar with the diet, mom was celiac too. Maybe this is just catching up with me and getting more and more frustrating cause I'm not noticing any difference, still have BAD d and stomache issues. tonight 2 co-workers offred me cookies and looked at me like I had 5 or 6 heads when I said no. They have been told about me being celiac... How do you afford to get the foods to cook with, replace everything in the ****ing kitchen and then replace food for animals so you don't get cced? I work like crazy, I'm miserable, I'm sick, I'm stressed. I was dx with fibro so I hurt all the time, I don't dare take anything and haven't had time to call manufacturers. I don't know how to do this. I think it'll be ok, I actually think one of my cats could be celiac too as he throws up alot and it is the worst from both ends if he eats pasta and he's the size of a 6 wk old kitten and he's 7 months. I know this is probably just me adjusting, but honestly I just looked at my bank account and realized how much all this has cost and I don't know how to do it or continue it. I'm sorry this is so long and I am just venting and being a baby but damn it.....when I couldn't hardly afford "normal" food, how the he** and I supposed to keep THIS up??????
  14. lynxigirl

    Feeling Bad

    I usually just lurk on here, but thought I'd reply to this as it is VERY familiar. The "crushing" fatigue, joint pain especially in the mornings, is all typical fibro symptoms. I have gone through the last 5-10 yrs trying to find out what was going on because these feelings were just NOT normal for a 30 yr old woman. I was told I was crazy (literally) by one dr, other drs just did nothing. After going through many drs and winding up in the ER and feeling like maybe I WAS loosing my mind I found a Godsend of a dr. She believed me and sent me in for every blood test under the sun. When they came back, she said she was sending me to a rhuematoid dr, a endocrinologist and an internist. The internist dx the celiac which did not surprise me because my mother had it. The endo dx hashi's. The rhuematologist dx me with fibro and she is whating for another really good flare to possibly finish the dx with lupus. The problem with fibro is most the meds to help with it are antidepressants. I have had depression issues trying to get all this figured out, but don't feel like they would do anything but put a bandaid on the issue. Fibro is dx primarily with just symptoms, and alot of the time they mimick alot of other issues. Hashi's causes pain, celiac causes pain, fibro causes pain.....alot of pain starts to where on your body and it brings you down into a depressed state. definately take some good vitamins and don't do too much. I have learned to pace myself and pay for it if I push through doing someething that is exhausting. I spend the next few days paying for it. Know that you are NOT alone, but it's a long road. Good luck and let us know how things go.