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  1. Every year I make a bread called special bread for Thanksgiving. It has flour, applesauce, milk, honey, potato flakes, and cracked wheat in it. I think I can just use a standard 2/1/1 rice/potato starch/tapioca starch mix for the flour...
  2. It seems like reading through posts that alot of people seem to mention Vitamin E in lotions, shampoos, conditioners and such as a no no. I know wheat germ is bad, but what is it about the vitamin e? I'm totally confused by safe lotions...
  3. I know it's common for celiacs to have dairy issues, especially right after dx. I have gluten-free since april 1 and still have severe abdominal pain. I have been VERY strict on my diet and so my dr now wants me to uliminate dairy. the...
  4. Does it have to be mixed up with a stand mixer? I don't have one of those and won't have the room or funds for a while for one..... It LOOKS WONDERFUL though!
  5. What is the lupin flour that is in it? I haven't heard of that before. Is it a grain, bean, maybe a stupid question.....
  6. I DIDN'T know! Does it cook like "normal" pasta???? With corn pasta it seems to "mush" and got all gross and I haven't tried coooking the rice pasta in my pantry yet. Does it soak up the sauce like I've heard other pasta does??? I have...
  7. lynxigirl

    Shakeys Pizza, Utah

    Does the shakeys pizza that is in american fork have gluten-free pizza? I know some of them do and I am going to be in the area over the weekend and would LOVE to have one!
  8. lynxigirl

    Work Dinner

    Thank you so much everyone. I did give my manager a list of safe restraunts, but don't think they will be listened to. After the meeting yesterday I felt like crap, I still do. This is HARD. I am no stranger to the diet, mom was celiac...
  9. lynxigirl

    Work Dinner

    So, every couple months my team has dinner with the general manager so he can keep up with us since we work over nights and he never sees us. Most the time we go to places like Fudruckers, McGraths, Cracker Barrell, things like that. When...
  10. I ate alot of marie calendar pot pies before. I am wondering if anyone has a good easy recipe that could be made ahead and froze?
  11. lynxigirl

    How Do You Afford It?

    Oh my gosh! When I logged on today I can't believe the replys and wonderful ideas. Thank you SO much! I have a crock pot but seldom have used it before, I guess it's time to break it in! I am definately going to go shopping with a...
  12. lynxigirl

    How Do You Afford It?

    Thank you so much for the ideas. I will do my shopping at lunch and when I get off work and see about getting the discounted fresh stuff and just go simple. Most days I handle things well, but the thought of having to put the cats on it...
  13. I work usually 60 hr a week, overnight so I get shift differential, live in a small apt by myself and my critters. I don't hardly make enough to make ends meet and afford "normal" food. Now, I'm changing everything about my diet, having...
  14. lynxigirl

    Feeling Bad

    I usually just lurk on here, but thought I'd reply to this as it is VERY familiar. The "crushing" fatigue, joint pain especially in the mornings, is all typical fibro symptoms. I have gone through the last 5-10 yrs trying to find out what...