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  1. FYI: bone marrow biopsy is not an enjoyable way to pass the time.

  2. So I hear about all these foods and supplements that are supposed to "boost the immune system". Is that really a good idea? Don't we want our immune system to be just reasonably balanced. It seems a dangerous thing to make the immune system overactive. That can lead to all sorts of crazy trouble. Of course, since most products that claim to boost the immune system do nothing of the kind, we don't have to worry about sudden increases in cases of lupus or Crohn's disease.

  3. I wonder how many people both swear by various antioxidants and also oxygen bars. I also wonder how many of them test much better on the LSATs and GREs than I could ever hope.

  4. Bummed there wasn't chorus rehearsal tonight, but realized that Valentines Day is the highest of high holy days in the Barbershop Harmony Society calendar.

  5. Just saw Les Misérables. It reminded me that I am not a romantic.

  6. I'm reading "Journey to the Center of the Earth". I'll be honest in saying that I suspect the story to completely made up.

  7. I didn't notice the date. I will search for the newer thread to participate. Thanks for letting me know.
  8. Well said. Whether or not D'Adamo has an PhD or even an MD (which he doesn't) the main problem is that the book is based on an untested hypothesis. It is pure speculation supported by anecdote presented as fact. There is no research supporting his claims of a correlative (much less causal) relationship...