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  1. Hi, thanks for your replies. My tongue is sometimes a little white but I think it's a normal color. It's nowhere near thrush picture you can see online. I didn't had any genital infection or foot fungus. For my hand it is not painful but I can feel it when it's red. I really feel it is caused by something I eat, I dropped the nuts beaucase when I hate say cashew butter, I could feel them turn red shortly after. @eatmeat4good What is ravenwood?
  2. Hi, thanks for your questions, cold sensitivity : not really but the red will turn more dark/blue when it is really cold. chemicals : No at all, currently studying at university. The only lotion I tried was a moisturising but that didn't help. I have not seen a dermatologist about it cause a lot of time I will feel a burning sensation after or while eating (anything). C-reactive : from the results I had today(blood sample last week) : CReactive Protein(mg/L) < 3 (0-8) For the rest of the skin everything looks okay, it is really only the part red on the picture.I will try searching
  3. Hi, Im creating this post because I am very confuse about what is going on with me. To brief you a little, Im 20 yo and a couple years ago I started having back pain along with abdominal bloating. At first I tried to not pay attention but it did not seem to get better. I started experimenting with food but wasn't able to pinpoint anything. I started doing lots of tests, multiple blood/urine samples, colonoscopy,gastroscopy,CAT scan, and everything came back normal. They did test for celiac wich was negative. I tried a strict gluten free diet for 2 months but had no improvments at all.Tri
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