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  1. Thank you! I am going to go read the post you provided. 😊
  2. I am sorry you had such a rough time, but it is reassuring to hear that things can get better and balance out again. I am almost 5’9” and when I graduated high school I was lucky to be 110 pounds. I remember going to my family doc and begged for something to gain weight. Back then, I was made fun of for being so small. I ate anything and everything and no gains. My doc said I had a high metabolism, and back then gluten sensitivity wasn’t even a thing. I did try Keto back in 2013, but looking back I think I dis it wrong. I had an Elisa food panel test done and I was sensitive to over 40 foods. I was told it was one of the worst they’ve seen. Being me, I avoided every one of them, leaving me not much to eat. I am sure I was very high protein, high fat, very low carb. My thyroid crashed shortly after. I was only getting in maybe 15-25 NWT carbs per day. It’s like my body could never run on fat and feel good. I lost a ton of weight doing it! But once more carbs cycled back in, I expanded by 50-60 pounds in a very short period of time. Like 4 months. And I have been steady at this heavier weight for about 5 years. I am trying to increase my fat intake without eating much animal products. I do have Digestzyme V - maybe I will try taking them with protein heavy meals. It is overwhelming to think I spent 1/2 my life eating anything I wanted and am now so restricted. I tried adding in lots of beans like lentils, garbanzo, Lima, butter beans, etc, but don’t do well on those either. I have a friend that is vegan and she said it takes time for the gut to be able to break them down. I am scared to push it for fear of causing more issues. Thanks for the feedback. I am getting so much information from everyone. Like I said, it helps to know I am not alone.
  3. Wow - it just blows my mind to think this is something we’ve all had struggles with since childhood and never knew. I remember being slightly anxious as a child and was a nail biter. Was told it was a bad habit. I have learned it is partly due to gluten. When I eat large quantities of it, I feel the urge to pick at my nails. Being so thin that people thought I never ate, and I ate ALOT of food. Was probably malabsorption all along. I have low vitamin D, magnesium, potassium, and low white cell counts. My brother was also very thin, shorter in height until adulthood and was and still is a nail biter. It just makes me wonder if this is truly my issue or if it is just hormones. I do know estrogen dominance is also common in my family. I had just turned 40 when symptoms actually became more pronounced. Thank you for your information. This all really helps me and makes me feel less alone. Yes, my brother is a bad celiac, but I feel he still eats a standard American diet by substituting processed foods with just gluten free ones. I want to regain my health as much as possible.
  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I do have the energy to jog again. It’s hard now that I am so much heavier. If I start trying again, does this just add more inflammation or would it actually be good for my body? I don’t want to cause more issues. I will definitely look into the autoimmune paleo diet. Thanks so much!
  5. Thank you so much for this feedback. I was not aware that it would take 6 months to a year to feel better. I personally would rather not have an official diagnoses. I never thought about insurance ramifications. Knowing my brother has it and I am showing signs of some autoimmunity, but yet to be diagnosed, I think removing gluten and maybe all grain would be in my best interest. I just have so many random symptoms, some come and go, some stay. But it just seems so off. i used to be a long distance runner and had to give up my joy of running due to all these issues. I would love to be myself again - no fatigue, skins itchiness, ringing ears, bloatiness to the extreme, weight gain, etc. Thank you all for the guidance you’ve given me. People just look at me funny since I have gained so much weight. And when I even dare say something about gluten, I basically get the eye roll. But to have so many symptoms, and a brother that is a bad celiac, and a family history of autoimmune, I think i am a fool if I don’t explore this gluten free lifestyle more seriously. I was also advised I would cause more damage if I went gluten free and did not need to.
  6. Have your neurological symptoms improved by going gluten free?
  7. I should add that my Integrative doctor recently provided me with a lab slip to have my HLADQ2 and HLA DQ8 genes tested. She said that if I tested positive, I should remove gluten from my diet forever even if I were not symptomatic. However, I called my insurance and they will not pay for the test as it is considered exploratory. They quoted me around $400 to have it done out of my pocket.
  8. I had 3 of those tests done, the anti-Gliadin antibodies, anti-tissue transglutaminase, and total serum iga. I was told all was okay. I am trying to get copies of the bloodwork and I can share my numbers. I did go gluten free for 2 months, but did not see much change. I was also dairy free, as well. It’s possible that I did not give it enough time. I bailed because I was having problems eating more meat to get calories and felt off. I personally don’t need a specific diagnosis. It would be good to know for family history and I think as concrete evidence that I have to be gluten free with no cheats.
  9. I do know autoimmune disease runs rampant on my moms due of the family. She has diabetes and now psoriasis, something with her thyroid and really bad arthritis. Her sister was a type 1 diabetic and died when she was 47. My cousin died while on a jog at age 48. No one has lived past 72 on her side of the family. No one except my brother and I believe that our health issues stem from diet. So, no one else in the family has been tested to see if early deaths were due to celiac. It truly scares me.
  10. Thank you so much. No doctor would refer me to a gastro doctor, so I made an appointment myself without referral. I took all my copies of bloodworkwith me and begged for help. I explained my situation. He was one of the best in my town. I was told to throw all my integrative tests in the trash and to gain 20 pounds and I would feel better. At the time I was my normal thin self. He said my bloodwork looked good and I was not a risk factor. I may try to see another specialist and see if anyone is willing to help with a scope. Thank you so much.
  11. Hello, I am not new to this forum but may be my first post. I am feeling somewhat lost and at wits end. I started having symptoms back in 2012 and I have been fighting for answers ever since. Let me start by saying my brother has celiac disease diagnosed by bloodwork and then confirmed via having a scope done. He has it bad, just having bread touch his food puts him in bed for days. When I started having health issues back in 2012, Celiac did not cross my mind at first. I never had the urgent bowel issues like he has. My initial symptoms were bloating and bladder urgency. I went to countless doctors and had several rounds of bloodwork done, and still having blood draws to this day. Initially, I did not test positive for any issues with my thyroid, but now I am showing as hypothyroid and having a positive ANA along with ds-DNA, indicative of possibly Lupus. Several people have told me gluten and grains in general could still be my issue, despite having okay bloodwork. I have always been very skinny, until after my kids were born. I was able to lose the weight, but I had to exercise like mad to get down to my regular size. Once my health issues started in 2012, I have done nothing but gain weight. I am now 60 pounds overweight. I can exercise every day of the week and never lose a single pound. I have very low stomach acid which makes it hard for me to digest large volumes of animal protein. Every time I try to get away from grains, I find myself starving. I have had IgG boodtests done and I do show positive sensitivity to lots of grains and some dairy products, but not sure if this counts as non-celiac gluten sensitivity or if I am just showing a reaction to these foods as I had recently consumed them in large volumes prior to the testing. Most of my regular foods showed as positive. I feel like I am spinning my wheels with the doctors. I am sensitive to supplements and can’t take most of what was offered to me. I can take them for 3-4 days, but then have reactions including all over body aches, neuropathy, etc. So we have to approach my health with diet. I take no prescription meds as I have chosen to get to the root of my problem. With my brother having bad celiac disease, am I at higher risk? Is this common to run in families? Has anyone else been unable to get answers, but felt better going grain free? i am looking for support and guidance. I can’t seem to find it anywhere else. I apologize if I posted this in the wrong area. I have read some posts on here over the years, but not sure on protocols. Thank you for listening. Ang
  12. Thank you, Lisa! Funny you say small changes. I have had less night sweats (not totally gone yet), my finger nails are already stronger (did not think I could see a change in my nails in 2 weeks!), and minor improvement in overall 'feel' of hair. Ends are still dry, probably due to lack of vitamins over the years. I will definitely keep watching the small stuff because in the end, those small things add up to lots of relief! THANK YOU for your insight!!
  13. Hi! My name is Angie! I would be interested in learning more about the symptoms you've experienced. My 'obvious' symptoms just started back in May 2012, but now looking back, I am thinking I have had less obvious symptoms for years!!! My recent issues in May were bladder-related, but thought it was UTI issues or something. I have now been through countless rounds of bloodwork, CT scans with barium and IV die-contrast, GYN ultrasound, CA-125 bloodwork to test for markers with uterine cancer, visited urologist, OB-GYN, PCP, and then referred to pelvic physical therapy due to immense abdominal tension. I still have pain but cannot determine if mine is bowel, vaginal, or urinary pain. Here is the kicker - I always thought Celiac/gluten sensitivity would bring bouts of diarrhea because the body would try to rid of the poison. I am a very constipated person. Found out that constipation is a BIG symptom for many. Well, my brother is HIGHLY allergic to gluten - never thought I was at-risk because our symptoms are not the same. So......I sought assistance from an integrative doctor. He is doing bloodwork (7 vials, stool sampling and saliva sampling). He is checking for several things (to rule out other issues, too). Like you, I am new to this. I gave up gluten the day after my bloodwork and will get the results tomorrow. I have felt some improvement but not TONS. I know it takes time and CC is always a possibility. I appreciate any info you can offer (or anyone else on this thread!) THANK YOU!!!!!!!
  14. Very interesting material. I am going to copy these links to my desktop for reference. Interestingly, I checked my bloodwork from last fall (2011) and my white cell count was WAY LOW and I was also very low on potassium. My doc said everything looked okay and since I was in great physical shape, it was nothing to worry about (the WCC and low potassium). At the time, I was eating 2-3 bananas per day and other sources of potassium. Starting to see some patterns forming here (was in ER for heart palpitations in October 2011, low white cell count since at least 2006, acne since my mid-20's until current, constipation with times of very soft stools, and more). THANK YOU ALL for the information!!!!! You have made my day a better one!!!!!
  15. THANK YOU!!!! Trying not to worry needlessly about the bladder. The urologist did various CT scans, bloodwork, urinalysis, etc. All were fine, except scaint traces of blood in urine (microscopic). He did not feel the need to test further on the bladder, so no scope or anything done. I, deep in my heart, believe the pain is stemming from the stomach/bowels as I am not regular nor never have been for YEARS!!!! I mentioned this earlier, I never knew constipation could be a sign of celiac - I assumed it would be IBS-like symptoms since the body would try to rid of the gluten. Definite learning process for me. I only know limited amounts of info on gluten - enough to cook for my brother when he is here to avoid cross-contamination. Never would have known the overall effects on other organs, including the bladder. THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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