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  1. I find immodium EVERYWHERE...in all of my purses, my wallet, my car, my makeup bag...Its almost commical how many places I've stashed the stuff
  2. Honestly, I've never heard of a college that won't be willing to sit down and talk with you about your dietary needs. Gettysburg College and Messiah College are both WONDERFUL...however, becoming more and more expensive...I'm from that area....I went to a school in Virginia and they were amazing...you just need to be proactive and contact the chef and be very open!! GOod luck
  3. Sometimes hot dogs are just harder for you body to digest, I had a hebrew national the other week and wound up with a pretty bad stomach ache myself..sometimes it has something to do with the natural flavorings...usually Kosher means they're pretty legit and they were cooked on their own hot dog cooker thing away from all bread...could've just been a spice that set your stomach off...I don't eat many hot dogs these days!!
  4. The waffles are good!! I'd be interested to see some recepies for the Chow Mein noodles too!! But steer clear of the burritos...I got so excited about there being burriots and I took two bites and thats all I could stomach....couldve just been me!!
  5. I've been eating DeLand's Millet bread since I've been diagonosed and never had a problem with it. My health food store sells it and it is labeled at gluten free in that section
  6. they serve hebrew national hot dogs at Turner Field...are they ok??
  7. Everytime I try to click the View New Posts link..it says that this feature can't be used...it's been like that for a few weeks..anyone know what the deal is?
  8. So, I received an e-mail with a list of gluten free information from Mayfield...I got a list that said the ice cream flavor Moose Tracks is gluten-fee....Well I've tried it 3 times now, (the same container) and all three times I was immediately sick within like 10 minutes...so I don't know what the deal with that is, has anyone else had this same problem?? and if not...be careful...
  9. Does anyone know anything about gluten-free options at either Zxaby's or Sticky Fingers? Thanks!
  10. I had the peanut butter recall from Peter Pan...I made those 3 ingrediants peanut butter cookies a few weeks ago...didn't have any problems, but I just threw that bad boy out!!
  11. I live in SC and everytime I'm back visiting my parents I always stock up at gluten free source...they're really great people that run a really great store. The last time I was there they said they were trying to get the little restaurant on the corner to make sandwhichs on gluten free bread so they could send their customers down there and give both places business...I highly suggest anyone making the trip to their store!
  12. I don't know what KilKenny is...BUT I did find out that gluten-free DOES NOT mean hangover free ....hah
  13. I finally got the Redbridge...and it tastes great...like normal beer...which is a taste I'm definitely going to have to acquire but the hilarious thing is that my friends saw beer in the fridge and just went to town and LOVED it, I was like HEY THAT'S MINE!!! they were shocked that it tasted "normal"
  14. West Virginia

    I spent last year in Morgantown for graduate school...so if you need any help or have questions about the area, let me know!
  15. this whole, they are then they aren't now they are again business makes me a little nervous about trusting the trix....
  16. I'd be lying if I said that Everclear was considered safe at all...I suppose it would depend on how many times he distills the alcohol, I personally stay away from it because in a lot of states its no longer legal anymore, so you never know how it's made...
  17. alright everyone..........I just tried five guys for the FIRST time ever today for lunch.......cross your fingers that I don't get sick
  18. dietary specialities ravioli is amazing but I refuse to order from them anymore....I know I probably shouldn't do that to companies that go out of their way for gluten free food but they have a minimum amount for shipping....you have to buy 75 dollars worth of frozen food before they'll even ship it and then they charge you 30 dollars to do so. I'm just out of grad school and a little tight on money...it's just frustrated, because I really do like their stuff!
  19. I've had the chocolate mousse which i thought was actually really good....and the apple/cranberry which while it isn't the best thing, i don't think it is horrible. then again i'm 24 and can't cook that much on my own just yet
  20. ah yes...the confusion between the milk and the half and half got me.... it was friday...that's my excuse thanks!
  21. I don't have DH...(I think that's what it is called) and I've never gotten gluten free shampoos or makeup or anything and haven't had a problem...a lot of people disagree with that method but I even tried the suggested baking soda thing to see how much shampoo you get in your mouth when you use it and I was good to go!! So, it's ultimately up to you if you have DH or are concerned with getting that stuff in your mouth!
  22. probably the crispy ones contain the rice krispie like ingrediant...I just stuck with the old school original....it's been awhile since i've had one!
  23. oh kim thank you!!! i bougtht a pack and they're taunting me...thank you!
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