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  1. Looking forward to Ninety Eight Percent rehearsals tonight!

  2. Help! Total photo-shop novice here, looking to cut people out of a white background but some of them are wearing white clothing to the wee quick tools don't work. Can anyone give me a step-by-step on what to do? x

  3. En route home. What a day! :/ But now the hard work begins! :D x

  4. Need to fatten up my wee Gibby, he's really skinny with his upset tummy problems. Any suggestions on what I could give him that's easy on the stomach but will give him more body fat?

  5. Things are going so well am stressing out like crazy. Just wish I had more mental energy to deal with all the good stuff happening! Heeeeeeeeeelp! And more hours in the day please as well. Oh, and cake!

  6. Heroes season two on Netflix to recharge my batteries. X

  7. In bed, have completely crashed today. :( x

  8. The girls and I are just about to watch "Linguini Incident" the film the amazing Karen Swerling done with David Bowie in 1991. So excited to see this! Looks fantastic! Thanks for sending! :D x

  9. Watching the amazing John Schuck in "Murder She Wrote". :D x

  10. dreams really do come true. . .

  11. OMG Karen Keech Swerling, can't wait to see you in February! Still can't believe you're coming to Glasgow to stay with us! And working with me on my movie! SO excited, and can't wait to give you a BIG massive hug! :) Who's up for a party in honour of our "Munster" friend? x

  12. Replied to over 700 emails today, and STILL at now lol. Can't wait to chat with the lovely Karen this evening as well about upcoming projects including Evening of the Dead and Ninety Eight Percent as well as Michelle's book and most importantly our first ever "get together" in France/Glasgow iFebruary. YAY! :D x

  13. BUSY, BUSY, BUSY . . . x

  14. Domino's Pizza UK are now streaming movies! x

  15. Hope everyone is having a spook-tacular Halloween? x

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