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  1. I also have this problem - It takes me at least an hour to get myself going and before I can even think about eating breakfast.. even then, eating breakfast seems to be a bit of struggle. But once I get going, I start feeling good enough to start my day.. it is more of a gradual thing.. but this is my daily routine anymore.
  2. Has anyone ever tried to get short erm disability from their employer and been denied? I have had all sorts of manifestations from this diease, one in particular is peripheral neuropathy or "nueropathic" pain shooting down my left arm and into my left hand. It hurts quite a bit quite often, and other times, when more relaxed, goes into a numb state. So it makes it a little difficult to be on the computer for long periods of time, which 95% of my job requires in the technology field. Anywho - I was wondering if someone has been denied benefits and if so what you did to get by? My employer has flat out denied both my family doctor's and neurologists request to be out until at least the end of April - I was diagnosed 10/25/2012 and have not worked since because how bad off I was. So I applied for disability right away and they denied me. Currently looking for an attorney as well.. I know Celiac disease is included in the FMLA act, so I know I my employer should be giving me my short term benefits. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am not sure I posted in the correct forum thread, but did not find one concerning this issue. Thanks, Ed
  3. I love getting into the chemical aspects of this disease as I know from personal experience it is not just "a change in diet" and what one eats. I reaad an interesting article on alcohol and GABA receptors and how glutimate is a primary up-regulation In the production of excitetory nuerotransmitters, and seratonin, all which further a drinkers tolerance to alcohol. Chronic consumption of alcoholic beverages, and the consequent chronic sedation causes a counter regulatory response in the brain to maintain balance.. Google dilirium tremens amd read the wikipedia article
  4. I dont feel at this point of telling my celiac story as its the same nightmare yuo have all been through. But, I was finally dianosed with this last month Octobor 20. my doc simply said, "change your diet". So I have.. I buy all the gluten free goodies in the grocery stores in the gluten free sections.. but at times a recipe calls for something in the "normal" end of the store... So I read lables and no wheat stuff blah blah blah.. Long story short I slow cooked a roast on thanksginvin, and for the next several days I got sooooooo sick And I am not sure if what I ate caused me to be this sick beucaese I thought I was follwing all the gluten free rules... but then I started experiencing what we have deamed to be "celiac crisis"-- again, I wont get into my past with all this, but I had no idea this Celiac crisis was the cause of my very sick times. fast forward to the lasf few days my body has been experiencing the same celiac crisis symptoms. So - I look up GLUTEN WITHDRAWAL-- is this now the stage I am at with this disease ? Once I detoxy off gluten should I be fine? just like a heroin attict detoxing off of heroin? I have noticed ssOSOOOOO many things that have gotten better, the tingling in my feet from GUllian Barre I barely feel it anymore... the pains in my chest seem to have subsided quite a bit.. the constant coughing up flem and weekly sinus infections are gone... IS there something else I need to be doing to ensure i dont experience these gluten withdrawal?.. supplements.. anythig... that is painful and my mind was so fogged up i made some very bad stupid statemens as far as wanting to give up... Thanks Ed
  5. Thank you for your response - and yes I mean the celiac crisis where I felt I had pneumonia like symtoms, hot and cold sweats, brain fog, completely confused and out of it. I called an ambulance and they told me you look sick, can you get someone from your family to take you to the doc because this is not good use for an ambulance... I called my brother but he coulnd get off work and told me to tuff it out for a few hours and would come get me... I started hyperventaling so bad I could barely breath. By the time my brother showed up had fnished a half a bottle of brandy - seemed to be the only thing could stop the shakes etc...so he thinks I'm just drunk and takes me to the emergency room where the hook me up with a IV, give me a few Ativan and literature on alcoholism and send me on my way.