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  1. Okay.....this may be out of line since I'm not a doctor, but is anyone else totally frustrated that the only tests run are the tTg's?!?! My understanding is that, these days, celiac...
  2. blackbetty and Shelbz, don't be fooled by your current symptoms, or lack of. Remember, we now know that most gluten symptoms are NOT digestive in nature. The classic celiac symptoms...
  3. Bane, I am an infrequent poster, but I have followed this forum almost weekly (sometimes daily) for 5 years since finding out that our oldest son (now 21) has celiac. His was found...
  4. Sorry this reply is a little late, but you don't really need a referral from your PCP. He/she can order a complete celiac panel to be run...it doesn't have to come from a specialist...
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