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  1. How long after you eat those things do you start having issues with your DH? How do you link the two together? I'd like to figure out what aggravates mine.
  2. That's so scary! Chickenpox seems so harmless until you hear stories like these! My step Mom had Mumps as a child and it left her deaf in one ear.
  3. I will definitely pick up the book!! Thank you for the recommendation! I have DH on my scalp and I worry that the gluten will do harm by entering in through the sores?! I also have a itchy gross rash in and between my eyebrows but since I've stopped wearing my makeup that contains gluten, it's getting...
  4. Wow, how scary about your daughter! I hate the whole vaccine thing, I feel like I'm scared to vaccinate and I'm scared not to. The H1N1 Vaccine killed more people than the H1N1 virus itself.
  5. That's a good point! Sheesh, if I'm not careful I might just make myself crazy with all of this cc talk. If someone in my house get's sick, I am a sanitizing maniac. I can see myself getting a bit obsessive about gluten. How does everyone keep from turning into a crazy person??
  6. Ugh! That's frustrating! I'll have to check my razors!
  7. Thank you so much for all of the great information!! I bought some gluten free shampoo and conditioner today, it is Kirkland which is Costco's brand. I too am a hair twiddler, I have very long hair and DH on my scalp. I need to look into the mineral makeups as well, I have had an itchy rash between...
  8. I already go about 3 days between washing since my hair is so thick, I'll try going a day or two longer. My scalp is so itchy it's hard not to scratch but I'm trying! Thanks for the advice!!
  9. I am open to book recommendations if anyone has some! That book was just recommended to me by a lot of people so I picked it up and have found it informative. I have DH on my scalp so I'm thinking that gluten free skin and hair products would be beneficial??!!
  10. I will give it a try! I need some relief! Thank you!
  11. I'm finding that anything to moisturize with will be difficult, I have thick hair down to the middle of my back. But with all of the itching, there are days I just want to shave it all off!!
  12. I am newly diagnosed with celiac disease. I have had DH on my scalp for a few years but I didn't realize that's what it was until I was diagnosed recently. I have given up gluten but is there anything I can or should do to help heal my scalp?? It is so itchy, flaky, and burning, I would love some...
  13. Thanks everyone for your replies! And for making be laugh! I have been reading Elisabeth Hasselbeck's book and I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed because it seems that EVERY product I use contains gluten.
  14. I am newly diagnosed with celiac disease so I have been contacting all companies of my favorite product to make sure they are safe. This is the email I received back from Secret. What do you think? Would you use their product? :: We know Celiac is a serious disease, so we want to give you...