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  1. gabechevarrieta

    Am I Hurting Myself?

    Yes!! Watch this video. Should explain the magnitude of how harmful ANY amount of gluten is.
  2. omg i forgot to check this post until now, but thank you so much for this extensive list of stuff!! I talked to residence life and sadly the only specialty gluten free items are subject to a lot of cross-contamination and the employees working in the kitchen are very uneducated on the subject so it just makes me nervous. I try to eat in the dining halls as little as possible lately. But thanks again, you've been really helpful!
  3. I've been on Generess fe birth control pills for almost a year now. I'm probably just paranoid but I'm worried that it might have some kind of gluten filler or something in it? Does anyone know if it does or if birth control pills have it in general?
  4. gabechevarrieta

    College Dating

    I'd suggest looking up the menus online for any bars/clubs that seem appealing, find one that has at least one thing that looks celiac safe and suggest that you guys hang out there, and if she says yes, and if you wanna be extra certain- call the restaurant before hand and have them describe the ingredients in any of the dishes to you. That way when you go out you're not in a tight situation or stressing out about what you're eating, and you can enjoy spending time with her! And I'm sure if she actually likes you and if she already knows someone with the same problem, she'll understand and be patient. If not you don't need to be in someone's company who doesn't appreciate your health concerns!
  5. I'm going into my second year of dorming at college, and last year I had the luxury of being able to use my boyfriend's stove/oven to prepare gluten free/non contaminated meals while I was away at school. Now that he's graduated, I no longer have that luxury. I'll now be confined to my dorm room which does not include a kitchen, and the only way I can cook is using a microwave. I will have a small freezer/fridge combo. The dining halls at my school do offer some gluten free options, but they are generally pretty unhealthy and the staff does not know much about gluten free preparation, so a lot of cross contamination happens (no separate utensils, toasters, etc) and I've gotten sick from that once. I've contacted res-life about this and they're saying that the staff is following all the rules necessary to prepare gluten free food. (I know they're not, but that's another issue) Does anyone know of any good, healthy recipes that I can make using just my microwave? I'm open to frozen meals/dinners as long as they're not loaded with sodium/trans fat/other awful things like that!
  6. gabechevarrieta

    Annoying Friends!

    If your "friends" can't even respect you and support you when it comes to something as simple as the foods you eat, they're not going to respect you about anything else, or something even more serious than this (not saying this isn't serious). Not to sound mean or harsh, but if I was you i'd get some new friends who don't straight up bully you.
  7. Hi, I'm 19 and I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease since February. I started eating strictly gluten free in March, it is now June, almost July, and I'm not feeling the slightest bit better or have had any changes in my quality of life. (Strictly gluten free means my family and I use completely separate plates/utensils/pans when preparing my food, I closely read the label on everything I put in my mouth, and when I go out to eat which is pretty rare because I'm scared of getting gluten by accident, I grill the waiter on what's in my food.) On top of this, recently, I've stopped eating processed "Gluten-Free" food. I've skipped consuming gluten free bread, pasta etc and decided to eliminate these types of food all together, wondering if my stomach is just sensitive to that type of food in general. No relief. My symptoms include stomach cramping, bloating, severe anemia and various other vitamin deficiencies including folic acid, migraines, muscle and joint pain, brain fog and general fatigue. Like I've said before, none of these symptoms have gotten better since starting the diet. I was expecting to feel at least some relief a long time ago. Also, I've started to notice that I've developed some sort of intolerance to sugar/fructose. If I have a bite of a gluten free cookie or sugar in my tea, my stomach is a wreck for hours. I've recently gone back to my doctor and he's started to test me for a lot of other things with blood work and an ultra-sound, and as of now he hasn't seen any glaring problems in either. He says if he can't find anything in those tests, he's going to do a colonoscopy to figure out if everything is okay with my colon/bowel. Its very tiring and unrewarding to follow this strict regimen and still be sick as ever, and its concerning that a medical doctor doesn't even know why I feel so awful, after all this time and hundreds of tests. I don't want to whine or pity myself, but I just want to feel like a normal college kid and be able to keep up with people my age without feeling like pure garbage. If anyone has any tips with what I could try to do, what might be wrong, or what could maybe sooth any of my symptoms they'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Gabrielle