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mom of 3 wonderful kids, celiac changed our family but loving life gluten-free, political junkie, marketing/adv obsessed

  1. Share how you eat fresh with @ALDIUSA for a chance for you and a friend to win free produce for a year!

  2. RT @TurnerPub: @KirstenBermanGF is doing a #FREE giveaway of Gluten Freedom! Be sure to enter to win NOW! #gluten @CeliacResearch http://t…

  3. heartbroken over #bostonmarathon tragedy. News coverage once again overplaying the horror & underplaying the heroics.

  4. unthinkable. sending prayers to all in Boston. #prayforboston

  5. Rubio's response would be better if he had listened and responded to Obama's speech, not just GOP talking points.