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  1. Yes, I'm staying on gluten. I still eat my Thin Mint cookies. Gotta finish those girl scout cookies but 2 or 3 at a time. Pop-Tarts and do have bread, but just a bit. Just trying to not overdo it. That was actually a regular meal for us. He just happened to buy those hot dogs because they were on...
  2. It was a can of store brands Ingredients are prepared cabbage water salt That's it. Pretty sure not food posioning because hubby ate the same. It is normal to have undigested food in "bowel movement" about 36 hrs later?
  3. I am not officially dignosed yet but have been trying to stick to as much gluten-free as possible. Less painful. Anyway, I had labeled gluten free beef hot dogs and saukerkraut last night. No bread. Never had a problem with either before. But last night, about an hour after eating. I have such horrible...