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  1. This is also my 1st Holiday Gluten free, and I totally get how you are feeling. We go to my in-laws for Thanksgiving. So I had to call my Father in law twice to make sure he was getting a turkey that was Gluten free and then to find out if he was going to stuff it or not. It causes so much anxiety. I hate feeling like a burden. I am just bringing my own sides. It sorta sucks 1st holiday, I am sure it gets easier as you adjust to the new lifestyle. But i understand about the depression. I wish I could hibernate for the next 5-6 weeks. Hope you have good holiday and all goes smoothly.
  2. momIM12

    Paleo Wraps

    Haven't tried the wraps, but tried the bread and didn't care it at all. So I am a little scared to buy the wraps since I didn't like their bread.
  3. Have you seen the new "Goldfish Puffs"? I know they are not a cracker, but they are tasty and gluten free. Van's also makes a good gluten free cheese cracker.
  4. So I am still learning the ropes of the whole gluten free living. So my question is for you more experienced celiacs is, How cautious are you in buying product that does not contain any gluten, but is processed on equipment that processes wheat? Is that a big CC No-NO? Jessica
  5. Okay so I was a little say "miffed" by the whole get new pans, toaster, cookware concept. I told myself I don't need to do that. I was totally wrong. I made a pan of Black bean brownie's last night, which was my first venture in baking since being diagnosed about a week and half ago, and they turned out good. But then today I kept feeling like I had been glutened and I knew I hadn't eaten anything I wasn't supposed too. So my baking pans are the only thing I can narrow it down to. So I guess I will be going shopping this week for some new bakeware. Hopefully Kohls has a good sale. Jessica
  6. I tried it and didn't think it was too bad. But this was my 1st time trying gluten free pizza. It was a little chewy and I would make it thinner next time. But it would take care of a pizza craving. It was convient and very easy to make that's what I like about it.
  7. momIM12

    Falling Off The Wagon

    Thanks for the support. I just have to not give into the temptation and realize it's not worth the pain. Because the pain is real and not made up in my head, like I sometimes try and tell myself. I can do this, I just have to stay strong. I was really suprised by all the gluten free options out there and so far from what I have tried have been pleastly surprised. I just have to let old habits die. This is my new life and I just have to adjust. Glad I found a place where I can get advice and product info and support and a listening ear from people who understand. Jessica
  8. So I am newly dignosed celiac. It's not even been 2 weeks, and I can't seem make it more than 4 days without eating some form of gluten. I know that sounds awful. I guess just wasn't prepared for my diagnosis and some days I can mentally do it, I can say I am not touching gluten. But other days, like today, I was stressed and I just needed that comfort food and I went back to that old habit. Of course I regret it, and my stomach feels sick and I just sorta want to cry. Anyone else feel this way when they first got their diagnosis? Jessica