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  1. Had a question for everyone. Have you heard of Evolution Fresh? Those juices that Starbucks has started selling, instead of naked juice? I was wondering if anyone has had any reaction to them before, or has tried them with any success. I called the company today after being told at first by the starbucks employee that they were "all natural" so they were ALL gluten free. "but what about the w...heatgrass?" Well obviously not those.... wait what??? I just called the company and just so everyone knows, the company advised me not to drink any of their drinks without the certified gluten free notation on the bottle, as far as I have seen, this is exactly NONE of them. Funny, since when I only asked if they were gluten free, without asking specific questions to show that I knew what I was talking about, they stated that they were gluten free because they were "natural juices" AKA they are either lying through their teeth or have no idea what gluten is. But with a few more questions, on both times I called, the answer ended up being the same. DON'T DRINK IT if you have celiac!!!! I just wanted to share this with everyone, A) because I just quickly looked online before I bought one and was misdirected by the internet info, and because I am just tired of being misled, especially since they seem to realize what they are doing. Sorry to be a downer I am still interested in participating in the healthy juice craze thought, because let's face it, sometimes a complete meal, and cooking it yourself, can be a pain with this whole celiac lifestyle we lead... Thank you for any feedback you may be able to offer me!