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    Genealogy, rental movies-dvds by mail,some knitting,crocheting,forming a perfect existance(as much as possible),my pet cat-he's a Maine Coon breed I think-big boy!Taken new interest in the ballet,been to see Swan Lake this Oct.'05-$10 seats.Try new recipes.Loves the Autumn,Winter- cozy,great time to reflect and wax nostalgic .Likes a variety of dance music,taking photographs, good thrift stores,fruit,veggies,meat-food in general-I'm 125lbs.5'2ftandLean.Most celiacs are.I never see any fat ones.
  1. And don't forget the Hydrangea Root as well as the Alpha Lipoic Acid as they both are said to reverse Autoimmune diseases. WOW! I hope these alternative treatments work !!!! Oh WOW!!
  2. I learned of this autoimmune disease cure from Dr. Mercola's website and I sware I felt sorta normal again and I desired and ate a wheat bagel and wheat noodles;and felt OK afterwards too. Do you think the Alpha Lipoic Acid reversed my Autoimmune Celiac Disease-I hope it does! You gotta try...
  3. I always thought I had Narcolepsy and it doesn't go away when I stop eating wheat. I'm always Xtra tired .I found that Caffeine does keep me awake ,so I don't spend most of the week sleeping.I'm going to take caffeine pills since the black tea makes me feel too dry and the green tea has only a third...
  4. I haven't been called either,but it may be because I'm so rare that no one needs me, luckily. .That's what I figured. Me and you must be mighty rare Fiddle Faddle or maybe people with our backgrouns aren't sick, so they don't need donors and that too is very good , wouldn't you say? At the time...
  5. Coeliacs,tend to have weak bones even when they adhere to a gluten-free diet,and my whole system seems to be off-keel from what it normally would be , so should I cancel my agreement to be a bone marrow donor? I possibly think so. Even following a gluten-free diet ,I always seem weak and nutrient...