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  1. I bake my own bread as the bread I find in the store is basically just starch. However, the breads I typically make are pretty dense and a little much for a sandwich. A couple pieces are a meal. Today I found a great sandwich bread. Pancakes. Yup pancakes. I made a batch this morning 1/4 cup...
  2. Could it be depression? Exercise might help. Are you eating out? If so stop and eat at home for a few weeks. See if it helps. Have you checked all meds and supplements for gluten?
  3. I am 56 and have had severe spring and fall allergies all my life mostly effecting my lungs and breathing. I also have moderate/severe COPD and have never smoked, and nothing in my life really explains it other that chronic asthma/allergies and or celiac. I was diagnosed though biopsy and blood test...