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  1. The Pizza Capers near us are pretty good. I have checked with them before regarding cross contamination from the bench covered in flour and utensils etc and they have advised that they are always careful with their gluten free bases. I am quite sensitive to it so I would have noticed if there was...
  2. While I generally prefer to support smaller companies for as much food as I can when grocery shopping, the Coles gluten-free range is so good it is hard to avoid! Their new range of bread is my fave gluten-free bread and I think someone mentioned earlier the gluten-free Coles brand banana loaf,...
  3. Hi Tom There was a gluten free beer at the Brisbane gluten free expo I went to recently. I am not a beer drinker but it was the busiest stall at the expo and people seemed pretty happy with it. Sorry, I cannot remember if it was O'Brien Brewing though.
  4. Hey there Aussiepeg All glucose syrup is safe for coeliac/gluten free (even though it mostly specifies being from wheat) - it is so highly processed that there is no gluten in it. If that is the only thing on the lollies that is specifying wheat then they are fine to eat (some also say "thickener...