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  1. Hi "Mum", I hope you find a support group in your area. This is the single best "defuser" of that overwhelming feeling when you are first or recently diagnosed. It changed my outlook and has forced me to look outside the box and keep current with the disease, coping strategies and new recipes. The good news is that you are getting your children tested! In the U.S. the lag time is about 15 yrs. before a correct diagnosis is made and because doctors are not up to speed on the disease, it is very hard to get them to order the blood tests on children unless they are underweight and fall below the growth rate for their age. So don't despair! Life after celiac is not bad - I joke with my grandchild that "We are the "real" people, the others are mutants! He thinks it's funny!!!
  2. It is sad that MD means more drugs!!!A word of warning: A recent New York Times editorial reported on new research of the enzyme tryptophan. This is being touted as a "new" promising treatment for those with, among other things, auto-immune disease. It's already being used in trials in Britain. It has a bad track record and I hope that the medical profession, researchers and pharaceutical companies do not begin to push this on an unsuspecting public! It's been around for quite some time possible adverse outcomes are extremely serious.
  3. I use the recipe for "G.F. Yogurt Chocolate Cake" and one for "Gluten Free Yellow Cake" from "lesleycooks.Lame Advertisement", any time I need a cake to take to "mixed" gatherings and nobody knows the difference. People love the chocolate cake especially. My daughter in law uses the cake mixes from "Really Great Food Company" in Malvern, NY. Maybe before next year or another family birthday you will get a chance to try one of these recipes.
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