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  1. I'm so glad someone posted this! I'm 30 and I've been gluten free for two months post Celiac diagnosis and I have noticed my boobs are slowly getting bigger. I've always been a...
  2. Thank you so much. I am a little worried that there could be gluten in the pills I have to take post-surgery for pain as well as the hormone pill I need to take everyday for the...
  3. Thank you! I am worried about the Diabetes... that is in my family too. I've cut back quite a bit on sugar and I do feel much better.
  4. I was diagnosed with Celiac through a blood test. My doctor was checking my thryoid levels and tagged the Celiac test on because I mentioned I was having heartburn and acid reflux...
  5. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 3 weeks ago. I am amazed as numerous symptoms that I didn't know I had are vanishing (post nasal drip, fatigue, joint pain, muscle weakness...
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