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  1. Hi brooke12, I'm sorry your doc really isn't up on what celiac is. But I think you should get to a decent GI doctor who can take your blood test results and follow up with getting you a diagnosis. I was officially diagnosed in May of last year and I am glad to have it be official, even as...
  2. Yes, you can have this disease for a LONG time and not know it. I can trace my symptoms back 15 years ago. I had very strange pain and "tingly" extremities. At the time, that seemed to point to something neurological and I got brain scans and a spinal tap to check for MS, among many other tests...
  3. Hi Brandi, Welcome. Here's hoping your biopsy is not too far off - it's tough to grin and bear it while you wait. I have had those symptoms minus the vomiting. In fact, when I describe what it is like for me to be glutened to somebody, I usually tell them it is like having the real flu (not...
  4. From what I understand, with the flu, you would normally have a fever to go along with it. If I am glutened, I get all the body achy stuff and fatigue like the flu, but no fever. I don't believe you would necessarily have a fever with a cold.
  5. Sorry you had to go through that, Jenny - I am convinced you cannot be careful enough. I don't get the emotional symptoms you say you had and it takes anywhere from 3 - 5 hours for my symptoms to show up. I just get flu-like symptoms complete with the fatigue, but without a fever. Of course the...
  6. I got my blood test results within a week. LabCorp and I live in the USA.
  7. I am glad that I went through the trouble of getting the "gold standard" diagnosis. It's been less than a year for me (biopsy was in May) though I have had symptoms like you described for years before that. Expenses that are health related may seem like a pain at the time -- they are expensive...
  8. No, one day is not going to skew results. The bigger issue is that you need to make sure that the doc ordered the right tests because that does not always happen as you may see in some of the posts floating around in this forum. If you only get the tTG-IgA without the Total Serum IgA test, you...
  9. Hello Iolabelle, I'm just curious on why you would favor getting the genetic test over the endoscopy when the latter provides the "gold standard" diagnosis. It was not painful and at least speaking for myself, it was nice to get a definitive diagnosis.
  10. Hi Ankur, It's only been about six months since I got my "official" celiac diagnosis and I have made this a few times: http://paleoleap.com/sweet-potato-buffalo-chicken-casserole/ In fact, one time I made it for lunch one morning before work, but then ate part of it for breakfast. My wife said that...