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  1. 80-350mg/dl iga is normal range from what I read. So 173 is normal? But anything over 10 units/ml of ttg iga is positive and high mine is 173 they didn't say if it was ttg iga or specify so I was confused.
  2. I didn't know what test they ran but if you Google normal iga levels I thought mine were normal.
  3. They told me they were high I thing they did the ttg iga test and it said immunoglobulin was 100 and ttg iga was 173 thyroid and all cbc were normal. I'm going to get vitamin levels checked
  4. i had my blood work printed out from when my celiac was at it worst, this is what they say i have anyway doctor said my vili are flat and damaged. BUT my blood levels were all normal igA was 171 i think and immunoglubulin G i think was like 100 not sure what the others are they didnt check them all...
  5. Anyone's throat and face musclkes feel tired and stiff along with discomfort when swallowing ect? Been gluten free about a month. BC powders seem to help
  6. Not a real fix, but while you are healing if you take adderal, you will feel invincible , tried it, I have bad short term memory and focus problems but no ADHD, I feel sharp, crisp and can think clearly, have very bad neck problems/pain bone spurs, twisted t1 vertebra ect. All of my ailments didn...
  7. Not anemic blood levels were finer he said antibodies were very high. And my villi were flat and very damaged. I lost 50 lbs and I'm trying to eat clean. No more dairy. Soy should be okright? How about spicy foods
  8. Tightness in throat some burning legs arms feel weak. Headaches fingers even feel tired. Just feel run down discomfort when swallowing. When will these symptoms subside. I just had a baby. I work outside 12 hours a day like this and the wife wonders why I am so tired and can't handle doing much...
  9. Two weeks been eating some dairy and soy have improved alot. I'm wondering is this reflux? Burning and tightness in throat. I wonder how long before I get my energy and stamina back.
  10. Been ongoing digestive issues for 2 years. One doc said c-diff, one said bacterial infection. Digestive healthcare specialist said elevated immunoglobins. Thyroid is fine. Ran biopsies and he told me I have celiac. I eat a gluten free diet. Have mild information in intestine. And fatigue arms and...