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  1. I have Celiac and I am looking for a really good probiotic. I have taken several different probiotics over the last year. Can anyone recommend a good brand. My local health food store said I should be taken ones that are kept in the frig. Any advice would be helpful
  2. Gastroparesis? Does this go hand in hand with Celiac disease sometimes? I just don't understand how I was feeling better and doing pretty good and now this.
  3. Need some help. I have been gluten free since August. I was feeling better (joint pain gone, muscle strength better and not as tired) eating seemed to be better until about three weeks ago. When I eat ANYTHING it feels like I ate a seven course meal and feel overly stuffed. It feels like it just...
  4. Thank you for the feedback. I am actually starting to feel a bit better today and not as tired. My muscles and joints still feel tired and a bit stiff, but at least my eyes don't feel as tired today. I work a full time secretary job and felt like I just wanted to curl up under my desk and take...
  5. I have been trying really hard to watch everything I eat. I was told due to Celiac about two months ago to eat gluten free. I must have ate something over last weekend that had gluten in it because on Monday, I was so very tired and could hardly stay awake plus my stomach was not feeling good....
  6. I am still new to eating gluten free (two months ago I found out I had Celiac) and new to this web site/blog so I hope I am posting this in the right place. I attended an Oakland A's baseball game with my family last night and was excited to find at one of their food locations was a menu item labeled...