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  1. At the least, gluten sensitive.... She did order the tests for Celiac, so now I wait....
  2. I have an appointment tomorrow. I will update what happens...
  3. I looked up both of those. I don't think EoE fits...it's strange, because it seems to be my thyroid that swells. I even lose my voice to a degree...it gets shaky, and it's almost painful to talk. The thyroid goes down on day 2 or 3 after wheat exposure. I DO have difficulty swallowing, but it...
  4. I had a skin allergy test, and showed no reaction to wheat. Should I ask for a blood test?
  5. LOL! I actually feel the same way. It's odd that I feel I need a doctor to tell everyone else that I have an issue. I just need to get the courage to tell people that I just. can't. have. it.
  6. I'm curious to know the results. I haven't been officially diagnosed, but swollen lymph nodes is actually a symptom I have after wheat exposure. That...and ear drainage.
  7. In my 30s (I'm now in my 40s), I was alarmed when I was falling asleep at stop signs. It happened more than once, and I couldn't keep my eyes open if I sat for more than a few minutes anywhere. I went to a couple of doctors, both of which basically said "You're overweight and depressed". Well...