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  1. Have you considered that you might be intolerant to other ingredients in the foods you eat? I found out I am extremely sensitive to xanthan gum and that is in almost everything. I am also sensitive to soy. Maltodextrin, natural flavors (none are natural but all chemical), carageenan, etc. etc...
  2. Just keep looking on line for alternatives. I just found out I have celiac about 3 months ago - I have always been a big bread eater, but like you, I kept getting sicker and sicker. Now I cannot tolerate gluten, soy, xanthan gum (put in gluten free flour to help it stay together), tocopherols ...
  3. They also contain soy, and I am not only gluten intolerant but soy intolerant so I have to avoid them like the plague. Only cocoa seems to have no soy - but I even avoid that just in case. You might check that out.
  4. I, too, found out I had celiac disease by checking with google. I had horrid tummy pains and nothing I could do alleviated them, so I went to my holistic doctor who told me I am soy intolerant. As soon as I stopped the soy, the pains went away - for a while. It is about a year later and the tummy...
  5. I've been gluten free for about 3 months. I am also sensitive to soy and xanthan gum, so I have additional issues I have to watch out for. There isn't much out there in the stores or in a restaurant that doesn't have either gluten or these two ingredients. I even went to PF Chang's with a group...
  6. Update: I've been taking these probiotics for the past few days, and am so happy with them. I feel so much better and have had no negative effect from them at all. I am so sensitive to soy and gluten and these really agree with me.
  7. I was recently diagnosed with gluten intolerance and soy intolerance. I feel,so much better since cutting those foods out. But every so often, something else causes more reactions, and lately, I've identified it as Xanthan gum. It must be derived from either gluten or soy. I'm glad to know...
  8. I just ordered one on Amazon.com called Daily Pro Blend 12B from a company called Open Doors Nutrition which is totally vegetarian and has no gluten or soy or dairy. I will get it tomorrow - I had some probiotics that I ordered several months ago before I realized I had this celiac and soy problem...