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  1. Hey, how are you fellows, I have many questions about my situation, I hope someone could help me or give some advice. First i am not yet diagnosed fully, I receive a lot of opinions that is all in my head, no one in my family hace celiac, etc, I decide by myself going to an almost strict and...
  2. Thank you both, Yes maybe my on and off gluten free diet is affecting, but I cant feel the same again, maybe my doctors will say im not celiac but i have to be on a gluten free diet (not 100% strict because I live with my family and its impossible when we go out dinner or something but at least I...
  3. Hi, I was made a biopsy and apparently was normal only with a mild chronic inflammation, before the biopsy the analytical blood test was made in which I was positive in anti endomysium and antigliadine, I went with an experienced in celiac doctor, and he told me that the results looked very rare...
  4. Hey, this is my story, I started having a chronic diarrhea for almost 3 months, then my stools became really unpredictable some days really loose, other im constipated, lots of symptoms like burping, massive movements and sounds from my intestine, sometimes pain or discomfort in some areas os the...