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  1. Me too! I have been dreaming of big fat sandwhiches. Which is funny because my whole life I would avoid sandwhiches/subs at all costs, just didnt like them. Why now do I want them? Alas, because I am not allowed Hope your dreams get better!
  2. Happy end of the week everyone. I was just informed my boss is taking our staff to dinner at Houlihans tonight. I have never heard of it, but is a chain. I went on there website, but not too much to find as far as ingredients. Anyone have any experience there or suggestions? I know it is late notice so I dont expect much. Thanks Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. 1) Yes 2) Mild 3) Vegetarian 4) Yes 5) Oven 6) double
  4. The time has come...I am going to venture into gluten free baking. However, I am a bit weary. Is there a flour that is better for baking versus thickening a soup or gravy? Are they all pretty comparable or is say corn flour better for baking and potato flour better for gravies? Please help!
  5. I thought I was the only one!! I am never without a bruise
  6. My GI didnt give me any instructions. In fact he didnt want to dxn me even though my endo and blood test were positive for celiac. So I said forget him I will find out on my own. For what I have read it is highly suggest to initially go dairy free. I must admit, I miss cheese!!!
  7. So as the day has worn on we celebrated a birthday in the office with a strawberry shortcake for all (except me of course) However, someone did step out and get a fruit bowl with a note to please join in on the party. I went to show I was the bigger person, but all I wanted to do was knock the cake off the table
  8. First I must mention my co-workers are generally supportive about my newly required diet which is why this mornings events were so infuriating….. My boss decided to surprise the staff with a full breakfast spread from Panera. She apologized that there was nothing for me. My co workers where toasting their bagels and gushing over the danish. I was ok (sort of), until somehow me and my diet became the topic of conversation, then the conversation turned into jokes which resulted in people offering and pushing food at me. I went to my office to let my embarrassment and anger settle when a coworker walked in with a smirk and offered to give me a few bucks to go buy a piece of fruit or “whatever it is you eat.” I cant tell you how little I feel. It is hard enough to get use to this, now I have to worry about defending myself. Why do people have to make fun of what they don’t understand? I suppose they weren’t as supportive as I had thought.
  9. I have only been on the diet a few weeks and am still learning the ins and outs, but I am noticing I feel hungry more often. Any one else experience this? I suppose it doesn't help that I am a vegetarian, so I am not getting great substance in my meals. I will eat a normal portion, but find myself ransacking the pantry throughout the night. My weight is dropping because I am trying not to over eat. Thoughts? Personal experiences?
  10. HI! I am Australian too, but living in the US. I had been to doctors in Oz and here, 26 years and two countries later I finally have an answer....I'm not a wierdo! Just wanted to say HI. Elonwy- Thanks for the link to the Australian food website, I will be using it
  11. Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I am sure it is the right advice and I am going to take it! THis is going to get easier right?
  12. Hi Everyone! This is my first post. I was diagnosed last month and I have been researching and reading like crazy. I have been reading these posts for weeks and decided it was time to participate. My question is this.... Is it necessary to use gluten free shampoo, makeup, cleaners, etc?? Or is this just a precaution. Has there been research done on this and if so where should I look? Look forward to chatting Carly
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