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  1. Wow, thank you so so much! That is SOOO much more than I knew before. I've used celiac cards before - including the ones from celiac travel - in Turkey and Israel and they worked pretty well. But I agree with you they are too long and also too general. Not culturally sensitive enough. In...
  2. Good call on getting the endoscopy! Too many people just go on a gluten free diet (usually not a super strict one) and never actually know. Certainly sounds like it could be celiac. You'll have to wait and see I guess. Good luck!
  3. Why would an employer need to know you have celiac disease? I bet you people with severe peanut allergies wouldn't write on the application that they have a severe peanut allergy. Keep that to yourself and don't worry about it. Also congrats on getting the position!
  4. Hi everyone, My name is Josh and I'm traveling to China (Shanghai, Beijing, maybe other places) next month. I have Celiac Disease. I'm working on making an effective restaurant card that I can give to restaurants/hotels/cafes so I will not get sick from eating gluten. I will post...