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  1. UPDATE: I got my Celiac Disease (celiac disease) tests back and they were all negative which comforts me and also kind of confuses me more. They ran several Celiac tests and are mailing me all the paperwork. Next visit is with the Gastroenterologist at the beginning of March. I kind of feel so discouraged...
  2. But is going to chiropractor directly related to relieving abdominal pain? Thanks!
  3. No, I have not. I'm still amazed that people have been finding relief visiting one. I found someone local that I was going to visit. Just hate to spend the money to only discover that they can't help. Ya know?
  4. Yes, they said they would be mailing me all my paperwork and results. I already got quite lengthy paperwork for the other blood tests. I just didn't ask at the time what was the exact name or type of celiac test(s) they were going to do. I will have to see what the results are and what test(s) were...
  5. I would like to know the differences too in the healing processes. Wonder which forum that should be started in? Thanks!
  6. I'm pretty sure my PCP did all the Celiac tests accept for the genetic testing, which I'm not even sure if my insurance would pay for. I understand what you're saying if it comes back positive but what if it comes back negative? I had been eating like normal prior to the test, not sure if it was...
  7. Something I never would have considered. I will do some research into it. Thank you so much for suggesting this.
  8. Hi, thank you. I was put on the cancel list but I hadn't thought about calling every couple of days also. Thank you so much for the advice.
  9. Yeh, I agree. I have not had any scans yet. My GI appointment is at the beginning of March, earliest they could see me. Pathetic. It's not "ER pain" honestly but I do have a high tolerance for pain. I've had great success in eliminating gluten over the past week or so but the lower left pain still...
  10. Good to know. PCP found nothing serious with organs. Pain fluctuates between 1-5. I'm still confused to how it could possibly be Celiac or gluten intolerance because I don't really experience any pain while I sleep. When I stand or walk it's like a 2-3 and when I sit it's about a 5. Is this common...
  11. I'm sorry. What exactly are you referring to? Has anyone looked at my GI tract yet? No. My GI appt is at the beginning of March. Debating if I should go to the ER instead. Probably be very expensive though. Ugh.