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  1. They are awesome! But they are not available at Starbucks at some places--like hospitals. Pity!
  2. my last aic was 10.7 (omg!) with a boyfriend with end stage kidney failure--I know this is scary. My Depakote raises BS, but guess what my two heart meds (metopropol and lisnipril) do too--this is why I am considering the specific carbohydrate diet--it eliminates all grains--I think I can do it even...
  3. Has anyone tried resistant starch? I am trying it because my blood sugar is through the roof. Yesterday, I had a raw potato with salsa and this morning a half a raw green plantain--certainly filling--and the hope of restoring the flora is a plus. I was on Ultimate Flora but I think it cause more...
  4. Yeah, I looked for real scientific studies on gluten cross activity and couldn't find any. I did read something about barely being found in instant coffee--so who knows.
  5. Thanks for pointing that out. I just learned about things that are cross reactive with gluten--that have a similar protein structure and the body reacts as if it is a gluten protein: the list of cross reactors includes: Eggs, coffee most other grains corn, potato, rice, yeast, chocolate coffee...
  6. I am extremely sensitive to gluten. I get ataxic and my voice slurs, have DH. I am mostly plant based but sometimes eat "vegetarian fed hen eggs"--Yesterday I had my usual plain brown rice with La Choy gluten free soy sauce and then later I had a three eggs with corn tortillas...later on in the day...
  7. Believe it or not. it is called GLUTEN ATAXIA and that is my first sign that I have been glutened--I start bumping into stuff, I walk like a drunk person, my speech slurs. https://www.verywell.com/what-is-gluten-ataxia-562400