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  1. I think you know yourself why its negative You did not follow guidlines that say eat gluten for 3-6months prior to biopsy So unless u follow this and get tests done again after eating gluten plenty daily for 6months u get proper disgnoses. At least if you Get negative then also.....
  2. Dreams come from whatever your worried about.. your fears. Fact.. most people are fine with biopsy. I recall it as not the nicest experience but it wasn't too bad. I opted for NO sedation. So i felt a little discomfort but wouldn't call i terrible it was grand. If. wAs to do it again i would...
  3. How to identify gluten free food? Ok when prepacked food is labelled gluten free i know it pretty certain it is. (But then u have certain products recalled due to gluten mistakes etc) creating lack of trust. But my main issue leading to posting this is home made food by others If...