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  1. Does anyone know if my dull skin - prone to closed comedones is related to a histamine intolerance (based on their experience perhaps). I have Coeliacs which puts me at risk of other food intolerances. On a day to day basis, being a veggie, I eat a lot of tomatoes and yesterday I made a (granted kind of wierd) lunch including nori sushi and loads of tomatoes all wrapped up. then again thinking back now, I also ate some engevita yeast. But I eat tomatoes all the time and my skin is usually scattered with teeny bumps. In this case, my face immediately went warm and red, my skin prickled on my left cheek and when I went to look at why - a spot sort of immediately rose up! The other time I have experienced a similar reaction is when I ate waaay too much Engevita nutritional yeast and I got a rash on my face and belly. In addition I randomly get these red rash bumps on my elbows but never often enough to take notice. I very rarely eat the yeast so I doubt its whats is effecting my face skin. I do know what eating a lot of it does to me though in terms of that all over rash - lesson learned on being greedy. Does this mean I am allergic to something? I have a tendency to over eat certain foods in phases. I gave myself Coeliacs by really becoming addicted to gluten - cereal, breadsticks you name it. My skin is so dull and dehydrated looking even though im only 23. I know my gut is unhealthy and damaged but apart from going gluten free I don't know how else to heal it. Aloe Vera? Probiotics? Prebiotics? Any advice or similar experiences relating to Coeliacs/ histamines and skin greatly appreciated!
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