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  1. I had two healthy pregnancies. Then, after my second pregnancy, I had two miscarraiges and a son that died of anencephaly. I think that my celiac started up after my second pregnancy. I am currently pregnant and have been gluten free for a year. I did have two instances when I was eating gluten for a couple of weeks. I hope that did not hurt anything. I am currently taking gluten free prenatals. I would suggest that you take folic acid too. For us, that may have prevented my sons anencephaly. I guess I was not absorbing folic acid. I hope that this pregnancy goes well. I am scared. Congrats on getting married. Many people on this sight have had healthy pregnancies before they have known about the celiac. Also, I feel good knowing that people's infertility stopped when they stopped eating gluten. Or, by those who have had healthy pregnancies by not eating gluten. Good Luck, Jennifer
  2. I just found out I am pregnant. I am excited but I am SO frustrated that I have been eating wheat for a couple of weeks...since my doctor told me I did not have celiac. Today my hair started falling out. I hope this is not a sign that I have damage or that I am not processing vitamins. I am going to see if I can get a serum test today and stop eating wheat now. I wonder if a serum test will work at this point. I don't trust him that I am not allergic. Jennifer
  3. Does anyone know of any cereals I can eat that have as much of the vitamins that cereals with gluten have? Thanks, Jennifer
  4. I have been eating gluten for about 3 weeks now. I feel really sick. I started eating gluten after my doctor told me I did not have celiac disease. I think he is wrong and I want to get a serum test and get off of gluten asap. I just found out I was pregnant last night...so I am worried. Jennifer
  5. Wether I have been on or off gluten I have had floating stool. When I do not eat gluten I am more regular. I have heard that floating stool is a sign of malabsorption. However, my floating stool never seened to get better. I was just wondering if anyone else had this experience. Or, it anyone knew what more about what floating stool meant. Thanks, Jennifer
  6. Thank you. I can't believe all of the support I have here. It is good to know that others have the "hot flashes" as a symptom. That strengthens my decision to stop the gluten. Also, my dh and I have been trying to conceive so I did not know if all of this was due to pregnancy or going back on wheat the past week. I will not know if I am pregnant for 5 more days. I think it must be really important to stop eating wheat now. I hope that I did not hurt the baby if I am pregnant. I was just SO happy when he told me I did not have Celiac. I wanted to believe it...but my body is screaming for me to get back off the wheat. Thanks again for all of your help. What you have told me has made a lot of sense and helped me to make a decision. Jennifer
  7. Sorry to be so confusing. This is what happend: I had IBS, Barrett's syndrome, and gastroparesis 2003-2004 Problems with losing hair and gaining wieght, and being tired. So, my stomach doctor took a blood test and told me I had the genetic marker for Celiac 12/05. I went gluten free immediately. I had an endoscopy done for my Barrett's syndrome. At the same time my Doctor did serum and biopsy- which turned out negative. This was sometime last spring. When I came out of the endoscopy my doctor told me that everything looked good except for my Barrett's. I was to go in for an follow-up and never did till last week (I know this was not smart but we have had a busy year). It was at this appointment last week (after I had been gluten free almost 1 year, with some bouts of cheating) that my doctor told me I was definately NOT celiac based on the endoscopy in the spring. Jennifer
  8. Yes I was gluten free for several months before the testing. Also, at the endoscopy my Doctor was suprised to find my stomach empty. I usually have a slow stomach (gastroparesis). I guess the answer to my question is pretty obvious. I just don't know if I am having a reaction to eating gluten because it has been a while since I have eaten gluten. I had not had the hot flashes since I before I was gluten-free. I cannot believe that just after one week of gluten I am getting these symptoms. Maybe it is just being "hot" or feverish with the nasea. Jennifer
  9. "hot flashes" and I am only 33. What do you think? I am so confused. I was diagnosed last year with the gentic marker. But after a endoscope and biopsy my stomach doctor said I have NO signs of celiac disease or ever having it. He was adament, even when I kept telling him I thought I did. He is an excellent Dr.. He really knows his stuff. I know I can have the genetic marker without actually having celiac. So, I started eating wheat a week ago. I have been feeling "full" and really bloated. I have been gaining wieght. I don't get diariah... I have been peeing a lot. All of these symptoms started this past week. What should I do? If I have no signs of it than am I just intolerant? Could that lead to Celiac? I am usually very anemic. I have osteoperosis. I had a baby with a neural tube deficit. I was losing my hair until 6 months ago. I have mostly been gluten free for 1 year. ??????????????????? Thanks for your help, Jennifer
  10. Jerseyangel...wow..that sounds familiar. Please keep me posted on what your results turn out to be. I will beinterested to see. You have some of the same symptoms. I thought they were Celiac related but the other Celiac symptoms went away or slowly got better with the diet...these do not. Right now I am fighting a cramp in my calf and one in my foot. I hope they figure this out soon. mssillyakscrewed- I saw your earlier posts on this thread about soy. No, I do not have soy that I know of. I do not like it. Dairy does not seem to effect me. I noticed that I do not feel good after eating tinkyada rice pasta noodles...is this possible? I need to keep better track of what I am eating. I am pretty conservative because I am new to all of this and almost hyper-aware of what I am eating. I have never had a bad stomach in relationship to getting glutened.I realized I had Celiac from my doctor doing some other tests...slow stomach. I did have a bad stomach reaction to gluten 2 weeks ago...for the first time...one I WILL NEVER FORGET...it was like I was slowly digesting glass for almost 2 days. I am sorry that you have a hyper-nodule and the treatment you had. Would it have been better if you did not do RAI? What are the bad effects of the RAI that you experience that you regret it? I have noticed that I got sick after eating sourcream and mayo dip. Could this be lactose? My Latte's do not seem to bother me...actually they help with constipation. Jennifer
  11. New here. Last year I was losing my hair and gaining wieght I did not know I had Celiac. My thyroid was tested and it was borderline "HYPO" a couple of weeks later it was retested and it was "NORMALl" so they did not want to treat it. Then, this past winter I discovered I was Celiac. I was so excited because my symptoms left me and my hair stopped falling out after a couple of weeks. However, a couple of weeks ago I started exercising and I started gaining wieght...I thought it might be muscle but it was 6 pounds in 1 week and also my hair started falling out right away. A week after that I got glutenized and I have been sick since then even though I have gone back to being gluten-free. It seems that all the muscles in my legs hurt constantly and I am getting leg cramps and foot cramps. I got blood work done last week and my potassium, calcium is o.k. but I am anemic...BUT MY BLOOD WORK APPEARS I AM "HYPER" thyroid now?????? I am very confused on how I could fluctuate from last year?? Does anyone else fluctuate? My symptoms are hair falling out, wieght gain 10#s in 2 1/2 weeks, anemia, tiredness, leg muscle pain and cramps, and foggy thinking. These all seem to be hypo to me. I just got blood work today to check my T4 and T3 levels...next week I am scheduled for a thyroid scan. Any thoughts??? I really need some help. Jennifer
  12. I have read other peoples posts about a blood test for celiac. I took one bood test that the doctor explained showed that I was a "carrier" for Celiac. It showed up on a genetic test. Is this the test other people are talking about. I then started the diet and it has helped except for recently. I got glutenized 2 weeks ago and I still feel really bad with symptoms getting worse. Shouldn't it clear up if I have been back to being gluten free for 2 weeks- or at least I should be getting better? I suffer mostly from bloating and leg/muscle cramps right now. Thanks for your help, Jennifer
  13. Thank you. I will give it some time and see if it clears up. When we were trying to diagnose my hair loss and inability to loose wieght I got my thyroid test. One test came back slightly hypo and then the next test was fine...so they told me that my thyroid was probably fine adn the lab maybe made a mistake. Thank you for your help, Jennifer
  14. Before I was diagnosed in Dec. I was gaining wieght even when I would eat very little. I would have to exercise on the eliptical an hour a day and weightlift and eat very little just to stay the same wieght. I notice now that I am gluten-free that I am not as hungry and do not eat as much. I think my body does not think it is starving anymore and my metabolism went back to normal? HOWEVER, I started exercising 2 weeks ago and I have gained 5 pounds since I started. Do you think my body is not fully healed and exercising trips up my metabolism to think that I am starving again and then I am holding on to calories? Also, I noticed that my hair started falling out again since I started exercising. I fell out before I was diagnosed and stopped after I stopped eating gluten. I am so confused. I am eating the same amount as before I started exercising yet I am gaining weight. Jennifer Also, I seem to be bloated again. I am eating the same diet as before I started exercising.
  15. How can I reach Rob in sports and fitness? Oh..I found the forum...thanks, Jennifer
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