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  1. This is all so frustrating! He said something about his anemia not being the same kind of anemia seen in celiac patients? He is running a re test including: ferritin, glad in antibodies, tissue transglutaminase, endomysial antibody, cbc, and reticulocytes. he wants to wait two weeks so...
  2. Hello all, My son, age 4, has had a few symptoms of celiac along with his grandmother being diagnosed. his lab results (of importance) were: wbc: 4.4 range 5.0-16.0 hemoglobin: 10.7 range 11.75-14.0 hematocrit: 32.6 range 34.0-42.0 tissue transglutam ab iga: 1 range...
  3. You're right - there are so many symptoms!! I'll have to make a list to bring to the gi! Thank you
  4. My 4 year old is almost done being diagnosed with celiac. Positive blood work and symptoms, waiting for the gi. Has anyone ever noticed or heard of bags under the eyes as a symptom? His eyes get very puffy underneath... Worse by the night time. Hoping this isn't due to an allergy. Also...
  5. Thanks! I followed up with the pediatrician today and he is also anemic. Still have some tests pending after 3 weeks!! I feel like a jerk making him eat gluten when I know it is hurting him. But I know he has to keep eating it until all the testing is over!
  6. Thanks! From what I'm reading, EMA is specific to celiac and not anything else, yes?
  7. Thank you so much for your response! Have you ever heard of a only a positive EMA? Negative to the other tests?
  8. Hello all, My 4 year old son has been having stomach pain on a daily basis. Some diarrhea, some constipation. His grandmother has celiacs. He was tested and was negative for everything except for a positive EMA. He sees a GI in a couple weeks. What are your thoughts on a possible diagnosis...