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  1. Thanks for the replies...Ennis_TX, you seem to understand my dilemma and I like your analogy though I am sure other family members would give me the eye roll if I used it. I guess they want to see us writhing in pain on the floor in order to take us seriously. However, I am sadly confused...
  2. A few weeks ago we went out to dinner with some friends and one of their kids is gluten-free. She claimed that she is allowed to cheat every once in a while and then proceeded to order herself a hamburger with fries from the menu followed by cake for dessert. My jaw literally hit the floor...
  3. Hi everyone! I am a new member but I am not new to being gluten-free. I have been gluten-free for almost 8 years now and I have a teenager that has been gluten-free for a year. Like many of you, it was bumpy at the beginning for me -- especially back then when gluten-free products, flours, etc...