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  1. I might be doing the nurse an injustice. It's possible she said other food allergies but my mind jumped to lactose intolerance. Anyway, even if it's not coeliacs, something is definitely damaging my gut Thanks cyclinglady! I do find this whole process quite confusing, but I guess with visible...
  2. Hi, thanks for link! Nope, didn't have the complete celiac panel, just the common screening test. I guess I'll wait for results from biopsies, and then request the full one depending upon what they show. I think, given my symptoms, that most of the other causes of gut damage don't apply to me, unless...
  3. Hi, I've suffered IBS symptoms and anaemia for a while, and the doctor has been referring me to lots of consultants to try and figure out what's wrong. Although I found wheat a big trigger for bloating, I'd never noticed a direct correlation with gluten, and a blood test at the start of this process...