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  1. Hi icelandgirl, Thanks for getting in touch ??. I'm glad your feeling much better than 3 years ago and hope you continue to do so. I would never wish it on anyone but it's comforting to know that I'm not going crazy and others have/had the same symptoms and issues as myself. One...
  2. Hey everyone thankyou so much for all your help and advice. I'm so glad I found this site, it's comforting to know others have been here and that's it's not all due to anxiety as one dr suggested. Christina I do have 2 young children so I'm always out and about keeping busy, I do find my anxiety...
  3. Hey thanks for the replies guys, really appreciate it. Im going to do as suggested and cut down the gluten and dairy but still eat enough gluten for testing purposes. I have been put on iron but now told to stop taking until after endoscopy biopsies. I can really tell my iron is low as...
  4. Hi im new here, I'm currently under a gastroenterologist being investigated for possible celiac disease. 2 years ago I had my little girl via emergency section, since then my life has been torture. I suffered heavy bleeding, abdominal pain and tingling throughout entire body. Some time...