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  1. Went to nuts.com - their pecans are $14.99 lbs. Surratefarms.com is $25.00 for 2 lbs. Did not look into any differences in shipping. You gotta shop around a lot unless you have much deeper pockets than I do.
  2. Not allergic to nuts. When I called the companies, they told me that they are either not Gluten Free of are processed in a shared facility. I will look into Nuts.com
  3. I contacted Penzeys about the Alleppo Pepper - All of their spices are Gluten Free - Aleppo Pepper was not at one time. It is now.
  4. We shop at Penzeys all the time. This is the first time I have heard this and actually have Aleppo Pepper. It is not labeled as having Gluten or Gluten containing products - Aleppo Pepper, salt, sunflower oil. I have sent an email to them to ask about this.
  5. We had and issue with nuts lately. We started REALLY looking at the labeling but we figured - They are nuts, how could there be a problem, but I still got sick after eating them. My wife started making calls - a lot of calls - and she wasn't getting many answers. Well, we finally got some...
  6. I have been eating the Chex foods (except wheat Chex) for years. They are made in a Gluten Free facility (they tell me). The original gluten-free Cherios were not Gluten Free at all - had some serious chats with those folks that went from false advertising to trying to kill us. A while back...